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TripAdvisor For Restaurants: What You Need To Know

TripAdvisor For Restaurants

TripAdvisor For Restaurants: What You Need To Know

TripAdvisor has been a largely utilised marketing platform for hotels and restaurants and is now a trip and dine-planning juggernaut for customers. To add TripAdvisor for restaurants to your strategy means tapping into unique marketing opportunities.

TripAdvisor began as a hotels rating website in February 2000, but over the past decade and half it has grown into the world’s largest travel site. With more than 350 million unique monthly visitors and more than 60 million reviews, TripAdvisor has become a powerful marketing tool. It now reviews attractions, businesses, and restaurants, as well as a wide range of travel accommodation.

If you have yet to claim a listing for your restaurant on this platform, now is the time to do so.

TripAdvisor will connect you to customers and travellers from around the world; furthermore it will create unique opportunities to build your reputation and grow your business.

TripAdvisor For Restaurants

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Claiming Your Restaurant’s Listing on TripAdvisor

Online reviews are more powerful than ever in terms of influence on the consumer buying decision. A 2012 Nielsen study showed that 70% of consumers worldwide trust online reviews, marking an increase of 15% since 2008.

The study surveyed more than 28,000 Internet respondents in 56 countries and found that earned media, like recommendations from family and friends, were considered the most trusted sources of brand information. Following closely behind are online customer reviews.

TripAdvisor leverages this powerful marketing resource to help businesses win new customers by displaying how they were able to please old ones. Although there is many review sites out there, no other platform has the same amount of influence as TripAdvisor. The more hotels and restaurants pour in to claim their listing, the bigger this influence grows.

To maximise the marketing benefits of TripAdvisor, you must learn about two of its important features: widgets and badges.

Adding TripAdvisor Widget to Increase Reviews

A widget is a small snippet of code that can be installed within any HTML-based webpage. Once the code has been added, it generates a new feature on the website such as real-time TripAdvisor content, displaying latest reviews and awards etc. Website visitors can click on the widgets to access the restaurant’s page on TripAdvisor. In addition, some widgets allow customers to write a review directly from within the restaurant’s website and then publish it to the restaurant’s TripAdvisor page.

For example, Sabai, a Thai restaurant in Brighton, has a TripAdvisor Widget strategically placed on the bottom of their homepage to make reviewing easier and faster than ever.

TripAdvisor For Restaurants

But how effective are they? Recently, our company has been able to increase a client’s revenue by over 30% in just 6 months, and one of our strategies was adding TripAdvisor Widgets to our client’s website, The Old Bank. The widgets we utilise offer the following benefits:

  • Streamline review process
  • Enhance user experience
  • Motivate customers to write and publish a TripAdvisor review


Integrating TripAdvisor across Different Channels

The TripAdvisor app was also added to The Old Bank’s Facebook page to improve user experience. This excellent feature allows visitors to access the restaurant’s TripAdvisor customer reviews without having to leave Facebook.

Facebook TripAdvisor App
TripAdvisor For Restaurants

Displaying the Certificate of Excellence Badge

TripAdvisor also offers Certificate of Excellence, a promotional badge you can display on your website to stand out and grab the attention of new customers or people visiting your site for the first time.

TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

Sabai also earned its Certificate of Excellence badge last year and proudly displays it for visitors to see. More than a simple banner, it’s a show of excellence and customer trust, which is a priceless marketing badge to have on your website.

Make sure to address any complaint, serve objectively and convey your restaurant’s values. If you get a bad review, whether it talks about the food, services, or venue, proposing a solution and improvement can get customers to trust you a second time.

Looking at the myriad of marketing opportunities found in TripAdvisor and other marketing platforms, it’s the perfect time to explore your options. With the right technical support, your marketing efforts will surely bear fruit in the form of hungry and eager customers walking in your restaurant.

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TripAdvisor For Restaurants: What You Need To Know
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TripAdvisor For Restaurants: What You Need To Know
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