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Restaurant Search Engine Optimisation – Top 5 SEO Tips For Restaurants

Restaurant Search Engine Optimisation

Restaurant Search Engine Optimisation – Top 5 SEO Tips For Restaurants

With so many misconceptions around search engine optimisation or SEO it’s hard to know what’s right for your business and how you can achieve those desirable page 1 rankings in Google and other search engines. No matter how big or small your restaurant may be there are always things which you can do to take your business in the right direction and climb up those search results, here are our top 5 tips:

Restaurant Search Engine Optimisation

1. Put Your Audience First

No matter how far removed SEO may appear to be from marketing in its original state, SEO is essentially marketing your business online. Like any other form of marketing it revolves around your customers or ‘audiences’. What are your customer’s needs? What problems do you solve for them?  What is a unique benefit your restaurant provides them?

2. Choose Your Keywords Wisely

In the process of thinking about your audience you should take a moment to consider what your customer actually calls your type of restaurant. It can be so easy to forget that the industry language and acronyms which are second nature to you may be completely foreign to the customer that is searching for you online. So choose keywords in-line with how the customer talks and not what you think the correct term is.

Broad competitive keywords will always take longer to rank on page 1 for, so don’t be afraid to pick keywords which are longer and more specific to your business. You may only have a few people land on your website from these keywords, but a few very relevant visitors is much better than lots of traffic from people who have no interest in your restaurant and its location.



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3. Keep Content Fresh and Useful

Thinking about the questions from point 1 about your customer’s needs, problems and what you offer to solve these, will naturally lead you to the content that should be on your website.

Google considers the quality of your website’s content to be enormously important when ranking your website. Regularly updated and unique content which is written to help the reader, sprinkled with relevant keywords but not stuffed unnaturally full of them will really help your site to rank well.

4. Set Up Google Plus Local Pages

Restaurant SEO - Recipe SocialHaving a Google Plus Local listing is essential for almost every restaurant, no matter what your location. It will help people find your business, many of them will be searching on mobiles and it could end up bringing customers in right away!.

Encouraging your customers to review you on your Google Plus Local listing will help people get an idea of your business and reinforce their decision to buy from you.

5. Measure Results With Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you so much information about your business and it’s free! If you haven’t got it set up already don’t delay any longer, get it set up and start finding out how people arrive on your website and what they do when they find it. Only then will you be able to see what content is working and what maintenance needs to be done to help your site rank higher in Google.

Bonus Tip – Social Signals And Restaurant Search Engine Optimisation

Social signals such as Facebook posts and ‘Likes’ – Tweets and Google +1s etc. have an impact on SEO. The more your content is shared across the major social networks, the higher Google will rank that piece of content on the search engine results pages (SERP). Whether the content is a blog post or simply an update on one of your social networks, be sure to consistently create and publish engaging content for your target audience. Creating high quality content to post in a consistent fashion across the main social networks is now more important than ever before.

Free Social Media Management Dashboard For Restaurants

Social Media Management Dashboard

The self serve version of the dashboard is completely free to use. Simply create a free account via the blue button. Once logged in, restaurants are able to create posts and schedule them to publish to their social media accounts. The dashboard is an easy to use tool that allows centralised control of major social networks. The pro version provides clear statistics presented as a set of interactive graphs and charts. Content performance statistics include your most successful posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Additionally, you can find out which content performs the best and generates the most clicks. (Clicks can be broken down further to see which network provides the most and at which time and what day.) You can find out what your top #hashtags on Facebook versus Twitter. There are even powerful search tools, allowing the user to find curated content to publish, such as videos, topical news and trending content.

Click on the blue button to get your free social media management dashboard and start scheduling content to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts today!

Need Help Creating and Scheduling Content To Engage Your Target Audience?

If you would like us to create engaging content for your social media accounts to help promote your restaurant across the major social networks, Facebook and/or Twitter to attract new customers and widen brand awareness, Contact us today.

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Top 5 SEO Tips for Restaurants
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Top 5 SEO Tips for Restaurants
With so many misconceptions around search engine optimisation or SEO it’s hard to know what’s right for your business and how you can achieve those desirable page 1 rankings. Follow our top 5 SEO tips for restaurants to help get seen in Google.
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