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Restaurant Marketing Tips: Checklist For Growth Success

Restaurant Marketing Tips

Restaurant Marketing Tips: Checklist For Growth Success

It’s no longer enough for restaurants to rely on just word of mouth marketing and on ads in the Yellow Pages. You have to be where the customers are, and more often than not, it’s online.

So, how exactly do you cook up success in marketing your dining establishment? Below is a checklist for restaurant marketing success in 2016. If you can check each box, you are ready to start spending money on either Facebook Ads, Google AdWords or other paid advertising to drive more traffic to your website with the intent of getting conversions. A conversion could be a booking request made via a booking form on your website or simply getting someone to join your email list.

The checklist needs to be completed in chronological order to ensure you have the best chance of converting your paid traffic with your desired Call-To-Action (CTA):

Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Website

More and more customers are turning to their smartphones when it comes to looking for a place to eat. If your business is not showing up on their search, you are missing out on a lot of potential customers.

It all starts with your website. Just as how your menu should give you an idea of what your restaurant offers, your website should also do the same.

Is your website optimised? Does it need an update? Is it doing what you want it to do? Do you have an online menu? Does it contain all relevant information about online orders, reservations, and operating hours?

More importantly, is it responsive / mobile-friendly? Mobile users want a site that fits their screen properly and does not take too long to load. To check your site’s loading time, use this online tool.

If, however, it takes a long time to load, (especially on mobile), it’s best to go check with your hosting provider, and check data from the above tool for details on how to improve your site speed.

Responsive - Mobile Friendly Restaurant Website - Recipe Social Restaurant Marketing

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Landing Pages and User Experience

  • Every paid ad should have a specific landing page that’s properly optimised for both desktop and mobile users.
  • Each page should also load perfectly across all browsers and devices of varying screen sizes.
Restaurant Marketing Tips



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Newsletter and Email Marketing

Email Marketing For Restaurants

It’s great to get new customers, but it’s better to have them coming back. Do both with email marketing.

Have an option where people can sign up for a regular newsletter where they can receive updates about a new menu, an upcoming promo or event, or anything related to your restaurant. A good platform to start with is MailChimp.

Make sure to have this sign-up form available not only on your website, but on all your social media profiles as well. Also, make sure you have a user-friendly booking form on your website’s landing page to get more sign-ups.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics For Restaurants

Add Google Analytics to your website to get the numbers and statistics behind your site’s performance. This can tell you how many people visit your site, what pages they visit, and how much time they take browsing.

Use the platform to create ‘Goals’, such as an increase in site visitors every month or a completed booking form enquiry.

Also, include your Facebook advertising campaign on Analytics by adding the Facebook tracking code to your associated website’s landing page. This allows you to measure the success of each Facebook ad campaign. The same goes if you are using Google AdWords.

Crunch all the available data, see what works, improve where you can, and continue on what works to get great results.

New Opportunities

This includes responding appropriately to reviews posted on Yelp and other platforms. You should also connect to other marketing partners, such as local businesses, food writers and bloggers, and media personalities. It also wouldn’t hurt to join local events and festivals to promote your brand.

By doing so, you get to extend your marketing reach without using a lot of resources.

There is no exact recipe for success in restaurant marketing. As with any dish, you need to taste and adjust as you go. See what works, see what doesn’t, try something new and more importantly, always keep the customers in mind.

Free Social Media Management Dashboard For Restaurants

Social Media Management Dashboard

The self serve version of the dashboard is completely free to use. Simply create a free account via the blue button. Once logged in, restaurants are able to create posts and schedule them to publish to their social media accounts. The dashboard is an easy to use tool that allows centralised control of major social networks. The pro version provides clear statistics presented as a set of interactive graphs and charts. Content performance statistics include your most successful posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Additionally, you can find out which content performs the best and generates the most clicks. (Clicks can be broken down further to see which network provides the most and at which time and what day.) You can find out what your top #hashtags on Facebook versus Twitter. There are even powerful search tools, allowing the user to find curated content to publish, such as videos, topical news and trending content.

Click on the blue button to get your free social media management dashboard and start scheduling content to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts today!

Need Help Creating and Scheduling Content To Engage Your Target Audience?

If you would like us to create engaging content for your social media accounts to help promote your restaurant across the major social networks, Facebook and/or Twitter to attract new customers and widen brand awareness, contact us today.

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Restaurant Marketing Tips: Checklist For Growth Success
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