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Growth Hacking Instagram for Restaurants

Instagram can be used very effectively for restaurant marketing due to its primary focus on visual content. This popular social media network is perfect for showing off your ‘specials’ or a signature dish. As of June 2018, there are nearly 1 billion monthly active users.

Instagram is hugely popular with younger people, with 90% of its user demographics being under 35, which is likely to be due to its mobile-dominated interface.

However, tapping into a large (and growing) number of Instagrammers can take time and a tremendous amount of effort. However, once you do manage to accumulate a large and engaged following on this platform, you will realise that all of your hard work was worth it. Once you have built up your Instagram following, growth hacking Instagram will really come into play.

Using Instagram for your restaurant provides you with the opportunity to interact and engage directly with your audience using creative and innovative pictures, videos and visual content that are completely unique to you.

Restaurant Blog Management


Every time a new blog post is published on a website it is another opportunity for a business to get found on the web. Why is that so? Because every new blog post published creates one more indexed piece of content on a website, which gives Google one more piece of information to identify and put in front of people searching for the things the post is offering. Do you get the point? Just having a menu, homepage, location page, and contact page aren’t enough for your restaurant business. You must leverage the power of one of the most effective restaurant marketing services – blogging.

Restaurant Email Marketing Management


Complete Email Marketing – send your diners special promotions, your latest blog posts – Email marketing is one of the best forms of digital marketing and is one of the best ways to generate bookings. We look after your email marketing to ensure it delivers the desired results and drives bookings. Includes full campaign management.

Social Media Marketing for Restaurants


As a restaurant marketing service, social media’s power cannot be ignored. As a restaurant owner, you may say, “I don’t need social media because most of my customers come from word of mouth”. If you had said this a few years ago when social media was not as prevalent as it is now, you would have been right. However, social media is now how most customers find out about your restaurant; therefore you cannot ignore it. Being old-school won’t work anymore! Social media also helps spread word-of-mouth about your restaurant.

Restaurant Marketing Agency has partnered with SocialBee to bring you affordable social media management. Click on the following button to learn more and book your free SocialBee demo.

Social Media Marketing For Restaurants

SocialBee is trusted by over 10,000 businesses around the world!

Restaurant Food Photography


The visual presentation is a hugely important aspect of the restaurant industry and it can make or break your business. Statistics show that social media posts that include an album or picture receive 120 – 180% more engagement from fans than a text-based post. Moreover, professional food and drink photography can have a direct correlation in generating a bigger bottom line for any business.

Video Marketing for Restaurants


There is no debating about the importance of video marketing and the fact that it is the future of digital marketing. Just having an impressive website and posting fresh photos of the food, the kitchen, the menu and the restaurant isn’t enough. You need to get your video content out there.

As a restaurant marketing service, video marketing holds great potential. The reason is that people spend much time watching online videos. On YouTube, more than 500 million hours of videos are watched every day. Every day, over 500 million people are watching videos on the most popular social media website – Facebook. So, doesn’t it make perfect sense to use video marketing for your restaurant?

With professional videos, you can market your restaurant business across all social media channels to capture the attention of your customers. You can even feature the video(s) on your own website!

Restaurant Booking System


To build direct relationships with your guests, you need a restaurant booking system which you have full control over. Many restaurants don’t have this, and they rely on third-party booking services for customer reservations.

Relying on third-party services hinders your ability to establish meaningful relationships with your guests and also increases the risk of the valuable data of your guests being stolen. Direct restaurant booking system protects the data of your guests. It allows you to personalise their experience through the collected data.

If you don’t have a restaurant booking system yet, you enhance the user-experience of any visitors of your website.

Restaurant Website Management


A restaurant website is the most important digital tool in your marketing arsenal for attracting new and updating existing customers about your restaurant business. You have complete control over your website. As a restaurant owner, you should be taking full advantage of its capabilities, such as generating bookings, attracting new email list subscribers and brand exposure via blogging etc. However, if your website is not well-maintained, you cannot possibly hope to capture the attention of new and existing customers. If you don’t manage and protect your website, it can get hacked, and the reputation and bottom line of your restaurant business can get affected.

Therefore, you should seek the help of a professional for website management. Regular website maintenance is required to ensure that software updates are made to protect the website from hackers and improve the user-experience (UX) to keep the bookings coming in.

Google Ads For Restaurants

PPC Online Advertising – Complete Ad Management. We continually optimise your ad campaign to ensure you get the best return on your investment. All traffic is measured and reported.

We can create highly-targeted ads to reach specific demographics, such as business lunch people, or maybe you want to grow another specific area of your business, such as private dining for birthday parties etc.

Restaurant Menu Graphic Design

Providing professional Restaurant Menu Graphic Design and we pride ourselves on fast turnaround times. If needed, we can also and print your new menus and get them delivered straight to your door. Click on the Menu Design button below to see examples of various restaurant menu designs and learn more about restaurant menu psychology.

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