Restaurant Booking System

Restaurant Booking System
When a booking comes through, an email gets sent to the diner saying the booking request is pending. The restaurant also receives an email to let them know they have a reservation request, this email can go through to a phone or tablet etc. All of the necessary booking details are captured via the website booking form and included in each booking request email.
It is then up to the restaurant to accept or decline each booking.
Once a restaurant responds to the booking request via email, or directly via the website (as seen below), an email is then sent to the diner with the booking notification details.
As you’ll see from the attached screenshot below, there are 40 bookings, 39 have been confirmed and one has been closed.
The idea is to drive as many bookings through the booking system on your own website as possible, as this will save booking fees from any third-party websites such as Book A Table, OpenTable or Quandoo etc.
Restaurant Booking System - Backend Reservations - Restaurant Marketing Agency

Let your customers use a restaurant booking system to reserve a table at their convenience via your own website even when the restaurant is closed.

It is now common practice for diners to be able to make a table booking request via a restaurant website. Customers do not always have time to phone in with their reservation details. Offering a user-friendly restaurant booking system to capture all necessary information on your restaurant website streamlines the booking process for both the customer and the restaurant.

The restaurant booking system settings can be configured to meet each individual restaurant’s requirements. For example – some restaurant managers like bookings to automatically send the diner a booking confirmation email for their reservation. Whilst other restaurant managers prefer to manually accept or reject booking requests.

Other features of the restaurant booking system which can be set, include:

Group Size – set a maximum allowed party size for bookings

Schedule  Define the weekly schedule during which you accept bookings

Exceptions  define special opening hours for holidays, events or other needs. Leave the time empty if you’re closed all day

Early Bookings, Select how early customers can make their booking

Late Bookings, how late customers can make their booking

Time Interval, number of minutes between each available time slot

The restaurant booking system can collect booking details, including name and email address when diners book. When selected the system automatically adds the diner’s contact details to MailChimp, these details can be used for future email marketing campaigns.

The ability to collect diner’s contact details for a future marketing campaign is a hugely valuable feature!

The restaurant booking system below offers an easy to use solution to receive and automatically process table booking requests. There is no charge for each booking either!

The booking system is fully responsive, meaning it works across all devices. Allowing people to easily book a table from their mobile or tablet device whilst they are on the move. By offering diners such a user-friendly way to book a table, helps to increase bookings for the restaurant.

Restaurant Booking System

Booking System Examples

To see a working example of the ‘restaurant booking system’

click on the following restaurant link The Old Bank

The booking system is included with our restaurant marketing essential package

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