Facebook Restaurant Advertising: 5 Reasons To Advertise

Five Reasons To Advertise Your Restaurant On Facebook

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Facebook Restaurant Advertising: 5 Reasons To Advertise

In this blog post you will find 5 excellent reasons why Facebook restaurant advertising is definitely worth considering. The post offers some great key takeaways backed up with hard facts, we hope you find it post helpful.

Any restaurateur will say that the hardest thing about maintaining a business is not providing customer service or quality food – it is getting people through the door. The food and service industries are not alone in this predicament either; virtually every business, regardless of niche or size, runs into the same challenge.

Facebook became the answer to most of these persistent questions, as it was able to prove its ability in reaching potentially hundreds of people within a business’s local area in a matter of seconds. But new tools mean new challenges.

Facebook is not the only instrument in the social media toolbox; there is Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and many other services with similarly conjoined names. Companies need to learn how to piece together a strategy that makes the most out of everything that is available, without drowning in the noise.

Facebook Restaurant Advertising

Facebook has a massive audience, including your customers

As of September 30, 2015, Facebook has about 1.55 billion monthly active users. From this figure, you can guarantee that a good percentage of your target audience will be on Facebook, regardless of the type of business or industry you are in.

With Facebook’s targeting options, which we will discuss later, you have a way of ensuring your ads will reach your specific target audience while they are in a fairly relaxed state of mind. When on Facebook, prospects can be advertised to without the time constraints and pressure of a conventional work environment.

Facebook has fine-tuned targeting options

With your Facebook ads, you can target your audience according to their demographic, behaviour, connections and interests, not what they are searching for. This refined targeting capability enables you to have a better, more meaningful reach.

Since you are running a restaurant, consider targeting users with interests in ‘food’, and if you are only offering services in your local area, target the geographical segment in which you operate, whether it is a country, city, village or postcode region.



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Facebook Ads are affordable

In Facebook advertising, you can spend as little as £1 a day and still get results. It is even less in the US, with a minimum spend of only $1. Even with this small budget, you can reach thousands of users who meet refined specific targeting criteria. Currently, there are four bid types available, from where you can choose the most appropriate structure for your objectives.

  • Cost Per Mile (CPM) – if your objective is to increase exposure and brand awareness
  • Cost Per Click (CPC) – if you are more interested in getting users to actively click on your ad
  • Optimised Cost Per Mile (oCPM) – if you want Facebook to show your ad to users, which in their opinion are most likely to take action on your ad
  • Cost Per Action (CPA) – if you are looking for users to take a specific action when they see your ad, such as liking your page

With a range of options available, choose the most appropriate structure to get the most out of your campaign.

Facebook allows you to easily track cost, performance and ROI

Whatever the cost, the important thing is to know exactly what you are getting out of it. Social media may be a cheap business channel, but it can also be hard to measure ROI and resources spent in maintaining a strong profile.

With Facebook advertising, it is much easier to see how much you have spent and the results it has yielded so far. The Facebook Adverts Manager enables you to track performance metrics, thus allowing you to gauge performance and measure your Return On Investment (ROI).

You can learn about your ad impressions (the total number of times your ad was shown), reach (the number of users who saw your ad), and frequency (the average number of times). Furthermore, you can keep track of cost data, including Cost per Like, Cost per Click, and Cost per Conversion based on your objectives.


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Facebook offers effective user acquisition

Facebook has a feature called Lookalike Audiences. This approach offers a way to reach new users who are likely to be interested in your business because they are similar to your current customers, or your audience that converts frequently.

You can build your Lookalike Audience according to a variety of sources, like users who Like your Page or visit your website. It takes the guesswork out of targeting for user acquisition, eventually leading to more conversions and ultimately increased revenue.

Facebook Ad also has feature targeted to your current customers, called Custom Audiences. This remarketing strategy works by targeting users who have already visited your site, and thus are more likely to take an interest in your food and services.

By getting in touch with the right people and following a simple strategy, your presence on Facebook will surely yield astounding returns in exchange for a small cost.

Free Social Media Management Dashboard For Restaurants

Social Media Management Dashboard

The self serve version of the dashboard is completely free to use. Simply create a free account via the blue button. Once logged in, restaurants are able to create posts and schedule them to publish to their social media accounts. The dashboard is an easy to use tool that allows centralised control of major social networks. The pro version provides clear statistics presented as a set of interactive graphs and charts. Content performance statistics include your most successful posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Additionally, you can find out which content performs the best and generates the most clicks. (Clicks can be broken down further to see which network provides the most and at which time and what day.) You can find out what your top #hashtags on Facebook versus Twitter. There are even powerful search tools, allowing the user to find curated content to publish, such as videos, topical news and trending content.

Click on the blue button to get your free social media management dashboard and start scheduling content to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts today!

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5 Reasons To Advertise Your Restaurant On Facebook
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5 Reasons To Advertise Your Restaurant On Facebook
Many local businesses are maximising advertising opportunities on Facebook. If your restaurant hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, here are five good reasons to start now.
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