Why should you seriously consider Starting A Restaurant Blog, does your restaurant even need a blog? Surely it can’t really help with your restaurant’s marketing, right?




Starting A Restaurant Blog will give your business a whole range of benefits. From better SEO results to connecting with your customers, starting a blog can really ramp up your restaurant marketing.


Not convinced? Let us break it down for you. In this post, we’ll explain everything you need to know about starting a restaurant blog. By the end, you’ll be 100% convinced that blogging is the way forward when it comes to finding the best marketing strategy for your restaurant!

The Key to Good Restaurant Marketing? SEO

First and foremost, the best reason for starting a restaurant blog is that it improves your search engine optimisation (SEO). For the uninitiated, SEO is the practice of boosting your website’s ranking on search engine results pages. Google favours websites that regularly create new content that contains relevant keywords and provides value to the reader. As a result, your restaurant’s blog will gradually move higher and higher up the search engine results page (SERP). In turn, regularly publishing high-quality blog posts will provide more brand exposure for the restaurant in Google search. Having your restaurant’s blog posts rank highly in the SERP will help to keep your restaurant top of mind. Plus, it will drive more traffic/visitors to your restaurant’s website, thus leading to more bookings/enquires.


It should be said, that you shouldn’t expect instant success with blogging and SEO. Your site isn’t ever guaranteed that coveted top spot on the SERP, nor will you see results overnight. But by blogging regularly with interesting and useful content that engages your target audience, you will eventually start to feel the (SEO) benefits.

Starting A Restaurant Blog - Restaurant Marketing Agency

Market Your Restaurant for Years to Come

Blogging doesn’t just improve your restaurant’s marketing in the short-term. It gives your restaurant exposure in the long-term too.


Your blog posts aren’t just read once and then ignored. If you create useful and informative content that delivers real value to your customers, your blog is likely to become an evergreen resource people come back to time and time again…


Good blog posts are known as evergreen content, and they create more links and shares due to their value. This, in turn, helps increase visitor traffic to your restaurant blog over time.


To boost your strategy even further, go back to your most popular published posts and update them with new content. This helps keep your blog content fresh in the eyes of Google.


Of course, this doesn’t mean you should just sit back and rest on your laurels once you’ve started your restaurant blog. One of the best restaurant marketing strategies relies on new and regular content being posted to your blog. Keep creating keyword optimised blogs to really see the best results and improve your SEO in the process.

Grow Your Restaurant’s Email Marketing List

Once you have started your restaurant blog, if you regularly create informative and engaging content that your readers enjoy, they will be more likely to subscribe to your email newsletter as well. Create a