Social Media Tips For Restaurants: What You Need To Know And Do

Social media is an avenue where creativity and brand can really shine and when combined with the right digital marketing strategy and execution, is an extremely effective marketing tool for your business. Restaurant social media can increase brand awareness and ultimately generate additional business and with the use of rich media, such as food photography or food photography videos is a great place to show your customers what your brand’s all about rather than just telling them. [Tweet “If social media is all new to you here are Recipe Social’s top 5 tips to get you started:”]

1. Goals Social Media Tips For Restaurants

Before you set out creating your profiles and writing your content, consider what your ultimate goal is for your business. If it is to drive traffic back to your website, then perhaps you should post lots of content from your blog. If it’s to raise awareness of your brand then maybe you want to create a campaign or competition to encourage your followers to tell their friends about your brand. Maybe you want to promote a new product or service that your business is launching and need to focus on sharing that.

2. Audience

Different social media platforms attract a different audience, so you will need to decide who your audience is before you’ll know where to hunt them down. By defining your audience you will also help yourself out when it comes to creating content to publish on various platforms. Understanding your audience means that you will know what they find useful or interesting which is exactly the kind of content that you’ll need to be sharing if you want to get their attention.

Social Media Tips For Restaurants - Restaurant Marketing Agency

3. Platform

Social MediaNow that you know your objectives and your audience you only really need to consider the functionality of the different platforms and your resources before you choose one or more platforms. If you have limited time to devote to a social media campaign then you are much better off picking one or two platforms to manage and keeping them really active with new content, ideally, published daily. Your business may naturally lend itself to a particular social platform. For example if your business is particularly visual then Pinterest or YouTube could be a great way to get noticed by your audience for your creative talents. Remember that different demographics naturally flock to different platforms so pick a platform where your audience is likely to be.

4. Content

There are so many types of content that you can provide on social media. If you’re short on time then ‘curating’ or reposting content which others have created and adding your own comment to it can be an easy way to create content. Provide your audience with something that they’ll want to share with their friends, which is relevant to your industry (it doesn’t have to be directly related but should make sense). Plan your content in advance and use tools like Buffer, Hootsuite or Recipe Social’s Free Social Media Management Dashboard For Restaurants so that you spend less time managing your content day-to-day. The inclusion of hashtags and pictures has been shown to improve shareablility of posts, think about how you can provide a variety of content in different media that will keep your audience interested.

5. Engage

The most important thing to remember on social media is to engage with your customers. Don’t talk at them, find what they are already talking about and join in the conversation. Going in with the hard sell on social media will never work and will drive your audience away. Retweet people, like them, reply to them, tag them and favourite them and your following will grow much quicker than if you keep talking at them.

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