Social Media For Restaurants: An Introduction

The main benefits of using social media for your restaurant, bar, café or eatery is the direct interaction it provides you with your customers. Used successfully, it allows you to listen to what your customers want, and give it to them! Whether it be through the use of #hashtags, direct responses, or simply the number of views a post gets, social media provides an excellent medium through which to monitor the popularity of your business’ products and services. This makes for excellent customer service and therefore a great relationship with your clientele.

There are three main categories of beneficial interaction with your customers that social media can give your business. This is especially advantageous as you are able to use different platforms for different content, which can be specifically tailored to your various audiences’ interests.

1 Communication


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The top dogs (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram) are especially good at this. By incorporating all other social interactions (see below) in one place and holding the biggest audiences, they are without a doubt the most effective social marketing tools.

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2 Visual Promotion

For restaurants especially, where you are promoting a very sensual product, showing your customers just how good your food looks is an unbeatable marketing method. While having good food photography is a must for your branding, social media encourages your customers to show off your hard work for you! Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and YouTube are all excellent platforms for this, plus, they are all easily integrated with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram profiles to help you provide even more quality content!

Social Media For Restaurants

3 Location Marketing

As a restaurant is a physical entity with services restricted to a certain area, (even a delivery service cannot travel worldwide from one kitchen), it is vital that you let potential customers know where you are. Being on Foursquare, Urban Spoon and Google Places are essential to be found when someone is hungry in your area asking Google where to eat. Review sites such as also work with search engines to provide users with reviews on restaurants near them which offer your business an incredible advantage in search. Again, the main platforms also offer collaborations with these services, such as Foursquare and Twitter and individual check-in services.

Social Media For Your Restaurant

Social Media Explained Social Media For RestaurantsWhether this is through a video on YouTube or a ‘delicious dinners’ board on Pinterest, you can find whichever platforms suit your brand best. The Big Four social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, all incorporate many of the above aspects in one application. This makes them very attractive to businesses looking to reach a wide audience of both new and existing customers.

By hosting a wealth of different media applications, including the most popular niche such as Instagram and Foursquare, these should act as the foundations of your restaurant’s social media campaign. This is not to say that by using these that the others are irrelevant by any means, the opposite in fact! But it is safe to say that these four will offer your business a place for blanket coverage of great social media content to rouse interest from your audience.

Social media is all about your audience, and where you find them and how you attract them is the key to your restaurant’s successful social media campaign. For instance, 80% of Pinterest users are female, while 54% of Twitter users are male, and in the UK Facebook users tend to be female between 25 and 34. This is why using a variety of platforms and deliberately tailoring the content on each one to suit that particular audience will greatly improve interactions: by tapping into your audience’s interests you are going directly to them with things they will love! Yet by only using, say, Facebook and Pinterest, you will seriously limit your restaurant’s reach and miss a huge number of male customers on Twitter and a huge section of younger users on Instagram.

There are so many advantages of using social media for your restaurant, café or shop: not only are there so many different platforms to explore and play around with, but they’re free! Never has there been a more valuable way to promote your brand and interact directly with your target audience(s).

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