Restaurant Newsletter Ideas: Growth Hack Your Success Now

Here’s something that might surprise you – despite the huge increase in marketing for restaurants on Instagram and Facebook. Email marketing retains its position as the number one channel for Return On Investment (ROI). In this post, we’ll give you the full run down to how you can use email to growth hack your restaurant’s success. Including, how to build a great email list as well as some awesome restaurant email marketing ideas. The result? Stand-out restaurant newsletter ideas that will help create an engaged customer base with longevity, ensuring your restaurant will succeed.

Restaurant Newsletter Ideas: Outperforming Other Marketing Channels

Every restaurant needs one thing to succeed: loyal customers. We all know loyal customers are the most profitable ones. That’s why sending out valuable content using awesome restaurant email marketing ideas is a great way to nurture your email subscribers. Sending out hig-quality email campaigns turns your subscribers into loyal and profitable diners. Here’s why.

Email Marketing for Restaurants Gives Great ROI

Email is a great way to connect with potential diners as well as existing ones. It’s personal, cost-effective and offers powerful segmentation tools and options to maximise your ROI. Email newsletters for restaurants give you the chance to not only communicate with customers. They allow you to do so in a value-added way. Restaurant email marketing quite simply works. A recent restaurant email marketing statistics roundup compiled by OptinMonster an industry-leading Email marketing tool. Shows Email marketing has a 28.5% ROI compared to direct mail, achieving up to 38 times on the initial financial investment. With these returns, your restaurant can’t afford to ignore this essential restaurant marketing channel.

You’ll Always Own Your Restaurant Email Marketing List

Social Media Marketing For Restaurants is an important engagement building tool, and a great way to reach your audience. However, if platforms such as Instagram or Facebook ever close your account or go down. Your customer base and contacts go down too. Investing in building your restaurant’s email list means you’re always in control of your restaurant’s data and audience reach. Your restaurant’s email list data is key to your restaurant’s success. Being able to use this data is essential if you want to promote your restaurant using delivery apps. Or send relevant, engaging newsletter content to your audience. Owning your email list will give you the tools and full control to permanently nurture your newsletter email subscribers to become loyal diners. 

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Restaurant Newsletter Ideas

Restaurant Newsletters Encourage Instant Engagement

Email marketing makes tracking and creating ‘calls to action’ much easier than other marketing streams. With every email newsletter sent from your restaurant, customers are encouraged to act. Whether this action is to ‘book a table’, ‘check out a new menu’, or asking customers to leave an all-important TripAdvisor review. Restaurant newsletter marketing is also easily tracked and measured, so you’ll know exactly what works. Additionally, you will also know what doesn’t work so you can make improvements to your future campaigns. With the email analytics data at your disposal, you’ll be able to create stand out restaurant newsletter ideas that really work for each individual customer.

Click through on the following link to learn more about what a Call To Action or (CTA) in marketing actually is.

Restaurant Newsletter Ideas

How To Get More TripAdvisor Reviews via Email

As mentioned above, you can prompt your diners into leaving a TripAdvisor review via an Email marketing campaign. With the aid of a restaurant marketing tool called Beambox. You can send out automated email campaigns asking new diners to leave a TripAdvisor review 1 day after their visit. To learn more about this excellent Growth Hacking feature by Beambox. Click on the following link increase TripAdvisor reviews to watch a video. You will need to skip the beginning part of the video and focus your attention on the ‘Interactions’ section of the video. Once you are at the correct section within the video. You’ll be able to see how this excellent feature can get your more TripAdvisor reviews on autopilot!

TripAdvisor For Restaurants

To learn more about the importance of TripAdvisor For Restaurants and its role within your restaurant marketing mix. Click through to find out why this powerhouse of a website is so vital for the success of your restaurant business.

TripAdvisor For Restaurants


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Restaurant Newsletter Ideas Can Amplify Other Marketing Messages Too

The flexibility of email allows you to integrate your restaurant newsletter ideas with other campaigns. This notion supports and amplifies any other key marketing messages from your restaurant. For example, if you’re using Instagram to run a competition, or asking for a review on Facebook. You’ll be able to use newsletter emails to reinforce your messaging. The flexibility of email markeing makes it possible for you to tailor campaigns easily and quickly too. Having this agility helps get maximum impact from your marketing campaigns.

Supercharge Your Restaurant Newsletter Ideas

By building a quality list of Email subscribers you will be able to supercharge your restaurant newsletter ideas. We’ve established that email newsletters really work for restaurant marketing. You now know email marketing delivers a great ROI and creates lasting customer loyalty. The next step is building a quality, opted-in list packed full of engaged-customers. Here are three ways to build a great email list for your restaurant.

1. Offer Your Restaurant Guests Free WiFi

While WiFi is now pretty much an expected restaurant amenity. WiFi is also a great way to quickly and consistently build up a quality email list for your restaurant. Here’s how, by offering guests free WiFi in exchange for an email address and a contact name. By doing this you will be able to build up an opted-in customer email list for your future marketing campaigns. You can also enhance your future restaurant newsletter ideas by asking for customer demographic information and interests. The more quality data you have on each email list subscriber. The more you can tailor your newsletter content to boost the effectiveness of your newsletter.

2. Offer Useful Content or Special Offers on Your Website

People love getting something for free, or for the price of sharing their email address at least! Offer new customers a collection of recipes, a free drink in your restaurant, or a special offer coupon. However, only if they provide you with their email address. This promotional tactic is great for growing your email list quickly and it’s pretty easy to implement too! This is an easy way to connect already-engaged customers with your brand. Once the customer has signed up to your email marketing list, you can encourage repeat customer visits or bookings to help grow your business. 

3. Create Different Email Capture Landing Pages

Create different Email capture landing pages on your website.

Restaurant Email Marketing is compelling due to it’s segmenting capabilities. Email list segmentation (check the link below), is excellent for restaurants targeting different customer demographic groups. A great way of boosting the effectiveness of your restaurant email marketing. Is to create a variety of landing pages to capture the details of different potential guests. For example, use a page filled with family-focused content to encourage email capture. Your email capture form should automatically add that demographic into the family segment on your list. You will then be able to engage this demographic with family-focused content and offers for this target audience.

Here’s 50 Smart Ways to Segment Your Email List Like a Pro.

Restaurant Newsletter Ideas

Better Email Marketing Conversion Rates

By doing this you will be able to achieve better conversion rates meaning you will get better results from your email marketing campaigns. Use techniques on your landing pages to keep the content fresh and interesting. Including pop-ups, video, and useful content or free offers to entice the user to part with their email address.

Click on the following link to learn more about ’email conversion rates’.

Instapage have compiled an Email Conversion Rate 101: What You Should Know and 5 Ways to Boost Yours

Want some restaurant email marketing examples that really work?

Of course, you do!

We know that using email to boost your restaurant marketing is a great way to increase your ROI. Email marketing offers you the ability to easily keep in touch with your subscriber base, and create loyalty, but what kind of content works? Below are some great restaurant newsletter examples. Giving your restaurant the tools to capture, convert, and engage with every single newsletter.

One of the Most Important Restaurant Newsletter Ideas

A simple hello.

No set of restaurant email marketing tips would be complete without including the introductory email. The first email is the perfect way to get the customer’s attention. The initial email allows you to share your restaurant’s brand values. The first email also allows you to thank your new email list subscriber for signing up to your newsletter. The ‘thank-you’ email is just the beginning of their entire customer journey with you. Don’t be tempted to skip this step by going straight for the hard sell. Customers need this initial brand interaction from your restaurant to be to engage. Pizza Express is a great for this; sending instant money off coupon, every time customers share their email with them, as well as welcoming to the Pizza Express mailing list. Click on the following link to view an example of their 2 for 1 on all main courses offer. 

Give Your Customers Lasting Value

Give your customers lasting value with personalised email communications. Restaurant email marketing tips often focus on the mechanics, including automation and which software to use. Most importantly, though, it’s also essential to remember to offer your guests great value. Personalisation is a great way to achieve this, harnessing the power of email segmentation capabilities.

Email List Segmentation

We touched on this area above, however, here are some more examples. You can also send automated emails to anyone on your list that has a birthday looming, asking if they would like to book a table to celebrate with friends and family. You could even offer a free bottle of wine or a birthday cake to entice them into making a booking. Or email relevant restaurant newsletters with offers based on how your customer has responded to previous emails. This type of personalisation is essential to create customer engagement and loyalty. So invest time in creating data-rich segments and profiles for each subscriber to get the best results.

Use Seasonal Messaging in Your Restaurant Newsletters

Email is an essential marketing channel for restaurants to communicate immediate offers. Go seasonal in your restaurant email newsletters for immediacy. Harness the power of this in your restaurant newsletter ideas. Share seasonal specials, highlight future events. Or even share some great content around an event to boost engagement and bookings. You can even include recipes, staff interviews and behind the scenes prep. 

Use Great Visuals in Your Newsletters

It is very important to always use great visuals in your restaurant newsletters. As food is such a visual medium. Make sure to capitalise on this by sending out restaurant newsletter emails with visuals that instantly grab attention. By clicking on the following link Food Photography Marketing, you will learn more about this vital element of successful restaurant marketing. Find out why it is so essential for the success of any restaurant business. From beautiful shots of your delicious food to photos of your restaurant’s interior and staff. Including visual media in a newsletter is important to capture attention, engage your audience and create repeat business. However, don’t stop there, share this content with your Instagram and Facebook followers. By doing so, you will optimise your marketing campaign potential and generate more bookings in the process.

Food Photography Marketing - Restaurant Marketing Agency

Restaurant Email Marketing Tips

Some extra restaurant email marketing tips to supercharge your business growth. While you need fresh and carefully targeted email campaigns for success. Restaurant marketing email ideas are all underpinned with important constants to make sure your campaigns are effective. The constants include consistent restaurant branding across all of your online and offline marketing. Linking to all of your social media accounts in all marketing emails should be standard practice. Paying attention to your email analytics is essential; run simple tests and applying small changes to maximise your open rates and conversions.

Set Customer Expectations

Make sure to set customer expectations at the beginning. Restaurant newsletters are a vital tool for every single restaurant. Giving you the tools to capture, nurture and develop loyalty amongst your customer base. Email is a powerful marketing channel. However, there are a few vital considerations to be aware of. First, make sure that you set customer expectations clearly about how you’ll be using the captured data. Make it easy for customers to not only opt-out of any communications but also opt-in to any other emails they specifically want to receive. It’s essential to create brand trust as well as an email list that’s engaged. Remember, no restaurant wants to be associated with spam, so make sure your email is relevant and engaging.

Boosting Your Restaurant Newsletter Ideas

Boosting your restaurant newsletter ideas with quality customer data will work for your restaurant. Restaurant newsletters work, it’s that simple. Owning, creating and nurturing your restaurant’s email list with quality restaurant newsletter ideas and content will give you control. Sending personalised and relevant communications to your customers will give them value. By doing this, you will create lasting engagement and loyalty, essential for the success of every single restaurant. Take the time to invest in a cohesive, data-driven strategy of restaurant email marketing ideas to grow your business. You won’t regret it.

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