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As the competition in the restaurant industry grows, many restaurateurs are looking to adopt more promising marketing strategies. If you want to know the marketing strategies being used by restaurant owners throughout the globe, you are at the right place. In this post, we are going to discuss the top restaurant marketing trends right now. If you wish to stay in the game, it is essential that you use the trending restaurant marketing strategies.

Now and then, there are new restaurants popping up on the scene. These hyped-up places start attracting the attention of consumers even before they open. Competition is showing no signs of slowing down, which means that restaurant owners need to step up their game and stay ahead of their competitors. To help restaurant owners stay ahead of the competition, we have compiled a list of top restaurant marketing trends.

These marketing trends are hot right now and restaurant owners are using these unique marketing tactics to promote their businesses and attract customers. If you too wish to successfully promote your business, you need to follow the top restaurant marketing trends discussed below:

1.    Building Reviews on TripAdvisor

Diners know that there are many restaurants out there and they need to separate the wheat from the chaff to find a good restaurant. One way they do this is by reading online reviews on TripAdvisor. Therefore, many restaurateurs have started to focus on building reviews on TripAdvisor. You need to follow this restaurant marketing trend to ensure your businesses’ sustainability in the information age.

You should respond to reviews, listen to what your customers are saying, and resolve their issues to protect the online reputation of your restaurant. Furthermore, by focusing on TripAdvisor reviews, you can get some valuable insights about the things you need to do to make your restaurant more appealing to customers and offer a great dining experience.

Restaurateurs who can keep up with the evolving expectations and demands of customers are more likely to succeed. If you fail to follow this restaurant marketing trend, you won’t be able to assess the kind of dining experiences customers are searching for.

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Restaurant Marketing Trends - Restaurant Marketing Agency

2.    Build Up a Healthy Email List

Despite newer, shinier marketing channels, restaurateurs are still focusing on email marketing. Why?

One reason is that email marketing delivers the best return on investment. With the help of email marketing, restaurant owners can cut through the noise and ensure that their marketing messages reach the diners. Restaurateurs don’t have to fight for the attention of their consumers as there is no cluttered social media newsfeed. The people who receive marketing material from restaurants have signed up for receiving the emails. That is why people are more likely to open the email and read its content. They know that the updates they are receiving in their inbox are from the restaurant they have shown interest in. They understand that the email will likely contain something relevant to them.

Another reason why email marketing is one of the hottest restaurant marketing trends right now is that it allows restaurateurs to leverage the power of personalisation. Restaurateurs can send personalised messages to diners and attract them to their restaurant. Personalised email messages have a higher open rate, meaning the diner is that much closer to making a booking.

Restaurant Marketing Trends - Restaurant Marketing Agency

3.    Leverage the Potential of a Professional Blog

Many restaurant marketers are building up the brand authority of their restaurant’s website through high-quality, professional blog posts. With the help of blog posts, you can attract the right type of diners to your restaurant. Moreover, you can capture their contact details like an email address for future marketing campaigns.

Moreover, frequently posting new blog posts can increase search engine traffic, build authority, improve conversion rates, and help you generate more inbound links.

A blog for a restaurant can also be used for storytelling, which has proven to be an effective marketing strategy for restaurateurs. With the help of a blog, you can offer rich content to the diners and present an appealing narrative to them. You can feature the chef, the cuisines, the ambiance, and the atmosphere of your restaurant in the blog posts.

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Restaurant Marketing Trends - Restaurant Marketing Agency

4.    User Experience for a Website

No talk of restaurant marketing trends can go without the mention of user experience (UX) on a restaurant’s website. In order to attract diners to your restaurant, you must provide a good user experience to people who land on your website. Guests may make reservations through your website. Moreover, they expect that the restaurant staff will attend to their needs and offer them all sorts of conveniences.

To provide a good user experience to people who visit your website, make sure that it loads fast. The website should have an online reservation system for customers, an appealing and easy to understand navigation menu, and be mobile-friendly. Otherwise, you won’t be able to offer a great user experience to diners who land on your website, and they’ll likely choose another restaurant over you.

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Restaurant Marketing Trends - Restaurant Marketing Agency

5.    Using Video for Brand Exposure

Video consumption on mobile grows every year by 100 percent while projections show that by 2019, video will claim over 80 percent of all web traffic. This is the reason why video marketing is one of the hottest restaurant marketing trends right now.

Google says that 40 percent of millennials trust the YouTube platform for video, while 60 percent of consumers say that watching videos has changed their worldview.

Your restaurant may already have a presence on YouTube and other social media platforms. You can use these platforms to promote your business through appealing videos. You can feature special events, hold a live Q&A session with the chef, or feature your restaurant’s kitchen in your video.

Providing valuable content through visually appealing videos can help you convey your message to a huge audience. Live videos have gained tremendous popularity nowadays and businesses are using it for product demos, interviews and glimpses of special events. With the help of live videos, you can show the delicious cuisines offered by your restaurant and engage with the audience in real-time. People prefer watching live videos over reading a blog which makes it an effective restaurant marketing strategy.

Video Marketing

Video marketing for restaurants doesn’t just increase the brand exposure for the business, it also provides SEO benefits. For instance, if you post videos on Vimeo or YouTube, you can drive the traffic from these platforms to your restaurant’s website. By including your website’s URL in your video descriptions, your website can get more unique traffic and your search engine ranking can get a boost.

Some restaurateurs don’t use a third-party platform for hosting their videos because they feel that these sites can’t provide them with any SEO benefits. This can’t be further from the truth. There are several SEO benefits of hosting videos on YouTube and other third-party sites. For starters, the search engine ranking of your restaurant’s website can improve as it gets higher web traffic by hosting videos on sites like YouTube.

Restaurant Marketing Trends - Restaurant Marketing Agency

6.    Chatbots

Chatbots are one of the top restaurant marketing trends right now. They are being used by restaurateurs for many different things. Some restaurants are using them for creating brand awareness. Few are using them to increase attendance. Others are distributing information about special events with the help of AI chatbots.

Facebook Messenger chatbots are particularly useful for restaurateurs. With the help of messenger chatbots, restaurateurs can give a sense of care, proximity, and attention to their prospects and customers while concentrating on other essential aspects of running a restaurant. They won’t have to worry about replying to their customers and answering common questions like menu options, opening hours, and other things. A chatbot can be designed to do all these simple tasks for restaurants.

A chatbot can present contact details and other essential information related to the restaurant, show visually appealing pictures of your menu, collect reservations and capture leads automatically.

Restaurant Marketing Trends - Restaurant Marketing Agency

7.    Voice Interactions

Many consumers are using voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for seeking information about places to dine. Moreover, several consumers have shown interest in getting directions to restaurants with the help of a voice search. Yext has found that a lot of consumers would use voice search to make a reservation if they found that this service was available. These statistics have turned the attention of restaurants towards voice interactions and made it one of the hottest restaurant marketing trends.

Restaurants should start developing a special marketing strategy for savvy voice assistants like Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa as the technology is changing the way consumers interact with businesses. App developers are expanding voice-enabled services and the technology is making platforms more and more conversational through natural language processing (NLP). A few years ago, a revolution in discovery order and payment in restaurants started with the rise in smartphone use. Now, voice platforms are poised to change the way consumers interact with dining establishments. Therefore, restaurant owners who wish to compete with others and offer a great experience to their diners should consider incorporating voice search into their marketing strategy.

Restaurant Marketing Trends - Restaurant Marketing Agency

8.    Visual Search

Visual search is another top restaurant marketing trend. Online search is being taken to a whole new level by machine learning and it is not just voice search that has become popular. Visual search too has gained tremendous popularity. Big brands like Google, Microsoft, and Pinterest have already started to leverage the power of visual search.

Instead of typing a query and getting image results on Google, people only have to point their phone’s camera to specific objects and find information related to them. Visual search can identify objects in the image and search for all images related to those searches. For instance, if a consumer is searching for a specific dish, they’ll be able to use visual search for finding recipes or even restaurants that offer that dish.

Restaurant owners who wish to leverage the potential of visual search should optimise all the images on their restaurant’s website. Moreover, they should use Pinterest and Instagram to increase the exposure of their visual content.

Restaurant Marketing Trends - Restaurant Marketing Agency

9.    Google AdWords

Google AdWords has always been popular among all businesses and it has evolved considerably in the last few years. Simple pay-per-click advertisements and generically generated keywords aren’t enough for a restaurant’s marketing. Many of the latest features of Google’s search algorithm revolve around customer-centric marketing and machine learning.

For example, Google’s smart display campaigns now allow advertisers to present ads in different formats. Ads can reach users during all the stages involved in the buying cycle. To achieve this, Google uses three optimisation technologies called automated targeting, automated bidding, and automated ad creation. Thus, ads by marketers appear where they’ll get the highest response.

Restaurateurs should start using Google AdWords for restaurant promotion. They should use the latest technique for the promotion of their restaurant through AdWords.

Restaurant Marketing Trends - Restaurant Marketing Agency


Now that you know the top restaurant marketing trends, it is time you start following them. If you fail to adopt the hottest restaurant marketing trends, you’ll be left out of the competition. Restaurant owners have already started following these trends. That means you need to pick up the pace and start acting on the restaurant marketing tips highlighted above.

Start building your restaurant’s online reputation by using reviews on TripAdvisor. Attract more customers to your restaurant with a healthy email list. Use a professional blog to capture the attention of people and highlight the unique aspects of your restaurant. Improve the user experience of your website to make it more convenient and appealing for website visitors. Use video and chatbots to increase brand exposure and streamline your customer service. Leverage the potential of voice interactions and visual search to stand out from the competition. Last but not least, use Google AdWords for effective restaurant marketing.


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