Restaurant Marketing Case Study: What You Need To Know


How We Increased One Restaurant’s Revenue By 1/3 within 6 months!

In this Restaurant Marketing Case Study, you’ll find out why a professional website is the most important digital asset any restaurant can have. Any restaurant websit sits at the center of all online marketing activities and is fully controlled by the restaurant business. Without a website, your restaurant is missing a huge piece of the online marketing puzzle and will struggle to succeed online and stay in business.

The purpose of a restaurant website is to maintain and generate customers so that the business is successful. For a Restaurant Website to perform optimally, it takes dedication, a fast and reliable server,  extensive SEO and software knowledge. So that your restaurant website is current and competitive it will need constant updating and optimization. Restaurant website management is a full-time job as, content creation, SEO and software updates take up a great deal of time and research.

This restaurant marketing case study blog post recounts a digital marketing success story based on increased profits at The Old Bank, Steak and Ribs restaurant in Brighton.


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By modernizing their website, and implementing digital and social media marketing strategies.

Below is an in-depth report on how we facilitated business success at The Old Bank.

The Restaurant Marketing Case Study of The Old Bank Steak and Ribs Restaurant

The Old Bank RestaurantThe Old Bank initially approached us looking for help with their social media accounts, both Facebook and Twitter. However, before implementing a social media marketing strategy, it was imperative that their website was updated.

First, we reviewed the Old Bank’s website usability, or user experience (UX). Streamlining the user experience greatly increases the chances of converting website visitors into customers. We added additional features to their website by adding new plugins and widgets, which enhanced the user experience.

We then assessed their conversion rates. A conversion rate is the proportion of visitors to a website who take action, going beyond a casual content view or website visit. The Old Bank currently had no way of monitoring its conversion rates, so our agency added additional software to monitor website users’ behaviour. This allowed them to measure how often clicks were turning into customers. Luckily The Old Banks’ website is based on a WordPress content management system (CMS). This allowed us to integrate compatible, conversion rate tracking software with ease.

Online Marketing Hub


Attract and Reach Your Target Audience via Your Online Marketing Hub - Your Website

To start with we focused on the restaurant’s website. The website is the most important digital asset any restaurant can have and is the hub for all online marketing and presence. Each restaurant must connect all social media accounts to their website along with email marketing services such as MailChimp. Without a website, the restaurant is missing a huge piece of the online marketing puzzle and will struggle to succeed online and stay in business.

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Responsive Restaurant Websites On Super Fast Servers

It is essential that restaurant websites are mobile friendly (responsive). They need to load quickly to limit the chances of the user clicking on the back button. If the back button gets clicked, business is lost. Most Internet users expect a website to load in about 2 seconds, which means they need a super fast server. Furthermore, Google penalises slow loading websites.

In reality, most restaurant websites are hosted on very slow and overloaded servers, which are shared. These big-name hosting providers are known to overload their servers, which means websites load slowly.

We strongly recommended that The Old Bank used a fast loading, managed server. Flywheel is by far one of the best WordPress optimised and managed server solutions available. It is what we use and recommend for all our clients. Using Flywheel enabled The Old Bank’s customers to access their website at speed.

Flywheel - Managed WordPress Hosting


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Online Booking Form

To help The Old Bank increase their bookings, we added a new online booking form. This allows website visitors to book a table without having to call the restaurant. It is more convenient for the customer and is less demanding for a restaurant than taking reservations by phone. Furthermore, table bookings can be made via the online system even when the restaurant is closed.

Introducing the new online booking form at The Old Bank resulted in extra bookings and a streamlined approach to making reservations. Click on the following link to read more about the benefits of having your own restaurant reservation system.

The software we recommend for taking online bookings via your own website is user-friendly and compatible with mobile phones, (Android and Apple.) Once a booking inquiry is received, the booking software promptly notifies the restaurant manager. This enables staff to reply to the customer with a confirmation email at a convenient time. Another feature of this booking system is it’s intuitive ability to track all booking requests – confirmations and cancellations. The booking system can also collect valuable email addresses for future email marketing campaigns. These email addresses can be automatically added to a specified MailChimp email marketing list.

Interactive Menu System Featuring Advanced Social Sharing Capabilities

Next, we reviewed The Old Bank’s online menu. Their original menu was text-based, with no images of their dishes.

The well-known expression “A picture is worth a thousand words,” surmises the importance of having high-quality food photography on restaurant websites. To find out more about how food photography can increase sales, please read our blog post entitled How Restaurants Use Visual Marketing To Drive More Sales.

We then added an interactive menu system to their website, incorporating photographs of The Old Bank’s dishes. This instantly increased online users’ retention and portrayed the restaurant’s dishes professionally. In addition, the new menu system enabled customers to easily share photographs of their dishes by clicking on social icons within the menu. This increased The Old Banks’ social media presence across major networks, which is a free form of marketing!

Interactive Restaurant Menu System

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Good restaurant interior design is key to a successful business. Therefore including restaurant interior photographs on your website and Facebook page, is an excellent way of promoting your restaurant.

Firstly we added advanced gallery software to the Old Bank’s website, and then contemporary photographs of the restaurant’s interior. Once images are uploaded into the gallery software, customers can share them across all the major social networks. This again provides free marketing exposure for restaurants.


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Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement is very important and should never be ignored.  The following link offers more details about this topic: Importance Of Responding To Restaurant Social Media Engagement

Our social media services can be accessed through the following link: Social Media Marketing

Social Media Icons

To further increase The Old Bank’s social media presence, we then added social icons buttons to their website. These buttons allow direct navigation to The Old Bank’s social network accounts, forgoing laborious and time-consuming searches. It is important that all restaurants connect their social media accounts to their website, along with email marketing services such as MailChimp. (See MailChimp email marketing below)

Facebook Call-To-Action Button

Having connected the social media accounts to the restaurant’s website, we next needed to ensure that bookings could also be made through the restaurant’s Facebook page. To do this we added a ‘Book Now’ button on to The Old Bank’s Facebook page, which connects directly to their restaurant’s booking page. (See below.)

Facebook Book Now Call-To-Action Button

Facebook Widget

Facebook Widget

Facebook enables friends, family, and coworkers to communicate through the worlds biggest social network. People post images, videos and plain text or share links. This makes Facebook a powerful marketing tool. Companies can add Facebook icon buttons to their websites, which link directly to their Facebook company page. Furthermore, adding a Facebook widget to your website will enable visitors to view your Facebook timeline without having to leave the website.

Although The Old Bank had a Facebook page, this was not connected to their website. We added the Facebook icon button and Facebook widget to their website, which allowed visitors to easily view the latest post on their Facebook timeline, thus creating greater online exposure for The Old Bank Restaurant.

Need Help Creating and Scheduling Content To Engage Your Target Audience?

If you would like us to create engaging content for your social media accounts to help promote your restaurant across the major social networks, Facebook and/or Twitter to attract new customers and widen brand awareness, contact us today.

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Social Media Management Dashboard

Social Media Management dashboards allow businesses centralised control of their social media and integrate accounts.

Our Restaurant Marketing Agency has a dedicated social media management dashboard to aid restaurants with their marketing. Once logged in, each restaurant is able to view custom-made content 7 days before scheduled publishing, thus allowing time to check all updates. Restaurants can not only check the scheduled social media content but also engage with their followers via the Twitter and Facebook streams. (As seen below.)

Social Streams - Social Media Management Dashboard For Restaurants

Social Media Analytics Using The Dashboard

Our Social media dashboard also compiles data about the performance of social media content. For example, how successful Twitter and Facebook posts have been at engaging customers. This analysis of social media performance is commonly known as analytics.

Analytical data can inform companies on how to develop a social media marketing strategy, which engages potential customers.

The interactive analytics feature on our dashboard allows the user to:

  • Check which posts and tweets are most successful
  • Identify the peak times for social engagement
  • List the most popular #hashtags
  • Highlight the most frequented social network sites
  • Find more content to publish, such as Videos, topical news and trending content

These statistics are presented clearly through a set of interactive graphs and charts.

Driving Traffic With Custom Content


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Custom Social Media Content For Restaurants

We produce customized content for The Old Bank Restaurant to drive traffic to their website. This is managed through our social media management dashboard. By logging into their dashboard, The Old Bank Restaurant can access content and check social media posts scheduled for publishing, whenever needed.

Our company is in regular communication with The Old Bank to ensure our customised social media content meets their requirements and to share new marketing ideas with the restaurant. Our customised content often includes food photography restaurant’s dishes; special promotions; gift vouchers and recruitment advertisements etc.

Drive Visitors To Your Restaurant Website With Professional Blog Management


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Content Curation and Search Engine Optimisation


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It aims to engage social media followers, so they regularly return to your restaurant’s social media pages. Content marketing is different for every business; each will have its own, unique marketing strategy. Content will vary depending on your services and customer’s tastes.


Posting daily to social media accounts is essential in order to gain and maintain followers.Click To Tweet


It also helps in raising your restaurant’s ranking within search engines. Google now indexes tweets in their search results. Achieving high ranking in search engines is known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). To read more about the impact of restaurant Search Engine Optimisation please click on the following links. Search Engine Optimisation and Restaurant Social Media And SEO

Curated Content Research Tool - Recipe Social - Restaurant Marketing - Social Media Management Dashboard For Restaurants

The Old Bank’s Social Media Accounts

To view an example content posted to The Old Bank’s social media accounts, both customised and curated, please use following the links:



At the time of writing this post, The Old Bank subscribed to our monthly our Social Media Management  x 2 networks plan.

The Power And Importance Of Online Reviews

Online Reviews

Reviews are an important element of any business, not just restaurants. Restaurant Reviews

TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site, with a reach of 340 million unique monthly visitors, according to their ‘about us’ page. This mammoth website should never be ignored, with a presence in 45 countries and 4.9 million registered accommodations, restaurants and attractions.

TripAdvisor has the power to make or break a restaurant business, either way, there’s no opting out of online reviews.

TripAdvisor Review And Certificate Of Excellence Widgets And The Facebook App

TripAdvisor Review Widget

To help gain new TripAdvisor reviews, we added the TripAdvisor review widget to The Old Bank’s website. This would improve the user’s experience by allowing them to write and publish a TripAdvisor review directly from within the restaurant’s website. With there being fewer steps in the reviewing and publishing process customers are more likely to leave a review. By leaving a review via the TripAdvisor widget, it is automatically published to the restaurant’s page on TripAdvisor, thus streamlining the process. The widget also acts as a prompt to initiate customers reviews.TripAdvisor Certificate Of ExcellenceIn order for potential customers to read restaurant reviews before making a booking, we added the TripAdvisor Certificate Of Excellence widget to The Old Bank’s website. This links directly to reviews on The Old Bank’s TripAdvisor page.