Restaurant Marketing Case Study: What You Need To Know


How We Increased One Restaurant’s Revenue By 1/3 within 6 months!

In this Restaurant Marketing Case Study, you’ll find out why a professional website is the most important digital asset any restaurant can have. Any restaurant websit sits at the center of all online marketing activities and is fully controlled by the restaurant business. Without a website, your restaurant is missing a huge piece of the online marketing puzzle and will struggle to succeed online and stay in business.

The purpose of a restaurant website is to maintain and generate customers so that the business is successful. For a Restaurant Website to perform optimally, it takes dedication, a fast and reliable server,  extensive SEO and software knowledge. So that your restaurant website is current and competitive it will need constant updating and optimization. Restaurant website management is a full-time job as, content creation, SEO and software updates take up a great deal of time and research.

This restaurant marketing case study blog post recounts a digital marketing success story based on increased profits at The Old Bank, Steak and Ribs restaurant in Brighton.


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By modernizing their website, and implementing digital and social media marketing strategies.

Below is an in-depth report on how we facilitated business success at The Old Bank.

The Restaurant Marketing Case Study of The Old Bank Steak and Ribs Restaurant

The Old Bank Restaurant The Old Bank initially approached us looking for help with their social media accounts, both Facebook and Twitter. However, before implementing a social media marketing strategy, it was imperative that their website was updated.

First, we reviewed the Old Bank’s website usability, or user experience (UX). Streamlining the user experience greatly increases the chances of converting website visitors into customers. We added additional features to their website by adding new plugins and widgets, which enhanced the user experience.

We then assessed their conversion rates. A conversion rate is the proportion of visitors to a website who take action, going beyond a casual content view or website visit. The Old Bank currently had no way of monitoring its conversion rates, so our agency added additional software to monitor website users’ behaviour. This allowed them to measure how often clicks were turning into customers. Luckily The Old Banks’ website is based on a WordPress content management system (CMS). This allowed us to integrate compatible, conversio