Restaurant Management Software: Streamline Your Business With The Best

In this post, we are going to explore the different types of restaurant management software available to help streamline the daily tasks of running your restaurant. We have cherry-picked some of the best restaurant management software on the market that’s used by leading restaurants around the world. We hope to introduce you to some very useful restaurant software solutions to make life a little easier for you!

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TouchBistro is an iPad EPOS built for restaurant people, by restaurant people – with every feature designed to meet the unique needs and fast pace of the foodservice industry. Used in more than 100 countries, TouchBistro is the EPOS powering over 12,000 restaurants worldwide.

TouchBistro makes running a restaurant easier by streamlining and simplifying all aspects of restaurant management – so restaurateurs have more time to focus on their passion – the reason they opened their business in the first place.

Designed to help restaurateurs run a better and more successful business, TouchBistro enables restaurants to make more money, deliver a great guest experience, and take the guesswork out of making business decisions.

TouchBistro offers in-depth training and free 24/7 technical support provided by EPOS specialists who have also worked in the restaurant industry as former managers, servers, and chefs.

TouchBistro prides itself on the platform’s ease of use, boasting one of the most user-friendly and intuitive systems on the market.

Some of TouchBistro’s Key Features

  • Tableside ordering
  • Mobile payment and processing
  • Menu management
  • Restaurant inventory management
  • Floor plan and table management
  • Staff management and scheduling
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Service and support

Tableside Ordering

TouchBistro’s tableside ordering is designed to help staff fulfil orders faster and more accurately, while upselling high-margin menu items and using pop-up modifiers for suggestive selling. Features like one-touch bill splitting, customizable menu display modes, and one-swipe seat joining let your servers focus on the customer experience.

Menu Management

TouchBistro has been designed with the knowledge that not every server, bartender and manager wants to see the menu the same way. TouchBistro allows for customisable views that help speed up service and deliver a more seamless guest experience. With the addition of Remote Menu Management, managers can now access and amend their menu from home or while travelling, allowing you to make changes when it suits you.

Restaurant Inventory Management

TouchBistro’s Inventory Management features help you keep track of what you have in inventory at your restaurant. TouchBistro’s approach ensures you can quickly and easily know what’s going on with your menu.

Reporting and Analytics

A good EPOS helps a restaurant easily quantify what would otherwise take days and dozens of spreadsheets to account for: sales and cost of goods. The worth of any good point of sale is in how easy it makes this process.

TouchBistro is a best-in-class EPOS for restaurants specifically because of its comprehensive reporting. The reporting suite features dozens of different and critical reports available right on the iPad or on any device, anytime, anywhere. Access your data anywhere with the TouchBistro cloud portal on any device or through the Reports to Go app on your iOS or Android mobile devices.


Your restaurant is only as good as its staff, and so too is your point of sale: it’s only as good as the team standing behind it.

TouchBistro’s award-winning customer service team is made up of POS specialists who have restaurant experience themselves. Whether they were past servers, chefs, or managers, the TouchBistro support team knows the restaurant industry intimately and combines their industry knowledge with their POS expertise to offer support 24/7, 365 days a year. Unlike some other EPOS systems, support is included in your monthly subscription, so you’ll never be charged per minute or refused support when you need it.

Customer Testimonials

We were used to using a basic till system and had to upgrade. Other POS systems seemed too complicated or time-consuming. TouchBistro was the perfect fit. Not only do our staff enjoy using it, but it is extremely easy to set up and it’s streamlined reporting features have dramatically decreased my workload as a business owner. I can do so much more than I realised was possible by using TouchBistro!

  • Meat59 Ltd, Exeter

We started with TouchBistro as a Food Truck and it’s been with us as we’ve grown into a fully fledged restaurant. We really enjoy the one step service we can provide our guests thanks to TB. Sending tickets straight to the kitchen from the table has made our service so much more efficient.

  • Chomp Grill, Bristol


Restaurant Management Software

BACON was created because my clients wanted more. They found existing restaurant management software tools complicated and time-consuming. Most POS systems are lacking the reporting tools needed to get real-time, accurate data on food, beverage and labour costs, and accounting programs aren’t built for restaurants. BACON was designed to simplify the process. Our software uses budgets and declining balance sheets to give the operator powerful, actionable data so they can proactively get ahead of their numbers, versus waiting until the middle of next month (if ever) to get OLD outdated numbers. You can’t do anything about your August food cost in September, but if you are 50% of the way through September and you have used 55% of your food purchase budget, you still have two weeks to make adjustments. If you want to hit your targets and increase profits, you MUST be able to access your financials in real time, on a daily basis. BOOM! By using BACON, clients usually see at least 3% increases in profits within 90 days. How much is a 3% increase in take-home profit worth to you?  Is it worth 5 minutes a day?

Restaurant Management Software
Restaurant Management Software
Restaurant Management Software
Restaurant Management Software

Customer Testimonial

“A couple months ago I decided to give BACON a try in my 8,000 sq. ft. Italian restaurant. I had been using the same inventory software for years and I knew there had to be a better. In fact, we used an inventory system, an accounting system and multiple spreadsheets but the data was still a bit confusing and old by the time I tied it all together. To be honest, Ryan had been telling me it does not need to be so hard and that I needed better budgeting tools.

Now with BACON I am able to get all my operational data in one place. I can easily see where I am compared to my budget daily so I can take action on it and get ahead of my numbers.”

Bill Rinnetti



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Restaurant Management Software

Checkit Company Overview

Checkit helps food service business run safely and profitably. It provides a simple, affordable way to free managers and staff from paperwork, giving them a smart, wireless digital alternative and a new way to work. It is used to manage and audit all routine duties including food safety, equipment monitoring, maintenance checks, health and safety, cleaning and operational management.

Our wireless sensors track the performance of equipment such as fridges and freezers 24*7, removing the need for routine checks and ensuring problems are noticed quickly. Our smart apps provide staff with simple step by step sequences of tasks to perform, prompting them when they are due and capturing the results. This includes wireless recording of temperature probe readings. All of this is set up and controlled from the cloud, where everything can be managed and viewed from a simple web browser screen.

Compared with paper, Checkit generates data that is always accurate and available. It guides and prompts staff, responding to the situation, and provides managers with a complete view of what is – and isn’t – being done.

For businesses that use Safer Food Better Business, we provide “out of the box” checklists for food safety. These come with the assurance of EHO approval backed up by a Primary Authority Partnership, and allow business owners to cut admin time and be more confident that their business is not at risk.

For larger organisations with multiple sites and their own systems and processes, Checkit can be rapidly and easily customised. We provide interactive dashboards to provide insights from the millions of data points we capture on how people, processes and equipment are performing against their operational strategy.

Checkit is a subscription-based service that provides hardware, software, cloud storage and great customer support for a simple price.

Restaurant Management Software

While other companies offer just single products, Checkit can offer a complete solution to scale as the business grow.

Restaurant Management Software
Restaurant Management Software
Restaurant Management Software

Customer Testimonials

Checkit has had a hugely positive impact on daily operations at Inamo, making staff more efficient and giving managers the visibility they need whether they are on-site or not.” L. Skinner, Chief Executive

  • Restaurant group: Inamo

“Compared to paper records, Checkit is a real timesaver. Staff don’t need to spend time filling in paperwork, they have more time to focus on their core duties.”. C. Moore, HSE Director for B&I

  • Contract catering: Compass Group UK and Ireland

Quality Assurance Team

If you want to learn more about how Checkit could help streamline your business operations contact us on 01223 941 450 / Email: / Website:

Restaurant Management Software: Streamline Your Business with the Best


Maintaining a profitable bottom line on your restaurant’s balance sheet is no simple task. Many time-consuming tasks are involved, including analysing food costs and identifying waste within your menu. The process of executing these tasks are time-consuming and, without the right data, can lead restaurant owners to rely on assumption.

Relying on the right data is the only way to correctly analyse food costs and make profitable decisions. MarketMan, a cloud-based restaurant inventory management software, helps restaurant owners track inventory, menu costing, orders, and suppliers. MarketMan’s software can help identify actual food costs, waste, and spoilage so that restaurant owners can make data-driven decisions.

Real World Applications of MarketMan’s Software

Restaurant Management Software Case Study: Cut Food Waste in Half

Potato Champion, a fry-based eatery, had recently extended their late night hours to include daytime services. The expansion resulted in an increase in unidentified inventory waste that was impacting their bottom line.  With the help of MarketMan’s software, Potato Champion was able to identify and eliminate significant waste.

While growth is a goal of most restaurant owners, without the right insights growth can have unexpected negative consequences. With the right tools and data, however, growth can be done in a way that is both purposeful and positive. Using MarketMan’s software Potato Champion was able to identify profitable menu items and eliminate those that were creating excessive waste.

When asked what  part of the MarketMan’s platform had the greatest impact on their bottom line, Potato Champion had this to say about their favourite MarketMan features:

Being able to log waste events for sure. We had no way of conveniently tracking these things before. Our waste has been cut in half since we started using it. Also, having employees log waste events really keeps them on their toes. The MarketMan integration with my POS is also crucial.

Restaurant Management Software Case Study: Gain a Deeper Understanding of Actual Restaurant Costs

Another MarketMan customer, K Brew, raved about the software’s ability to help them gain a deeper understanding of their data. K Brew was able to dig into the nitty-gritty of their sales, waste, and expenses to understand their actual costs versus theoretical costs. The coffee shop emphasized that MarketMan’s ability to integrate with their point of sale (POS) system was crucial:

My favourite part of MarketMan is the ability to enter new ingredients and items into the system, then be able to analyze important data about those items, such as their actual vs. theoretical cost, sales, and waste. The integration of MarketMan into Square is the biggest reason I chose MarketMan as our inventory management software. We have to be able to track sales and know other important data for our products, and having a program that integrates with Square is the only way to accurately do that.

Getting Started with MarketMan

Unlike other inventory management solutions, MarketMan’s software is suitable for a wide variety of restaurants. From coffee shops to bars to full-service establishments, any dining service can harness the power of MarketMan’s restaurant management software. MarketMan works well for individual restaurants, as well as chains and franchises. In addition, MarketMan integrates with a variety of POS systems such as Toast, Square, Intuit QuickBooks, and many more.

MarketMan’s platform boasts many features including:

  • Food costing to plan and budget menu items, ingredients, and more
  • Inventory control to track waste, spoilage, theft, and inventory quantity and value with ease
  • Optimize ordering processes including making digital purchase orders
  • Setting up alerts and reports to remain aware of menu item profitability, decreasing inventory, and more

To find out more about how MarketMan restaurant management software can help you reduce waste and improve restaurant profitability, request a demo today.

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