Restaurant Food Photography: Food Porn Is Great But Faking It Won’t Make It

For companies in the hospitality industry, the promotion of your best dishes is essential for the success for your business. Showing just how delicious your food looks is integral to the successful advertising of your brand, and the main reason your customers will come to you again and again. The idea is that your finest dishes need to look appetising enough to attract your potential customer’s attention. Then, to make them remember you to the point that they think back to your advert the next time hunger strikes.

The general rule in advertising is that you have three seconds for a consumer to decide whether they like you or not. So this means you have three seconds to capture the attention of a consumer, whether this is on the design of a label, restaurant video or poster on a bus stop. Yet as a photograph does not naturally lend itself to all five senses as actual food would, the photo must depict just how good the food will smell, taste and feel by using just one sense. This is not an easy task! So attention must always be in the detail.

Make It, Don’t Fake It

As much as the glorification of your food could do wonders to your takings, it is often important in hospitality not to exaggerate just how good your food is. This can lead to disappointment and could result in customer complaints and a poor reputation, which will leave you in a worse position than when you started!

Sweet Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich (Ad)
Restaurant Food Photography Food Porn
Sweet Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich (Real)
Restaurant Food Photography Food Porn


If you are going to portray your food in a certain way, it is essential that you continue to provide that standard.

Capturing a potential customer’s attention with an advert is the most difficult part of your business venture done, so congratulations! Yet if their food in no way resembles the reason they visited your company, they will take their business, as well as all of their friends and family’s, elsewhere. So as much as you should never underestimate the power of advertising for boosting your business, you should also never become complacent in the importance of recommendations for losing it. So remember: do not fake it!

Restaurant Food Photography - Restaurant Marketing Agency

You Need Good Restaurant Food Photography For Good Food Porn

There is a big difference between heavily editing the appearance of your food in a photo (i.e. faking it) and using a photo to highlight the appearance of your food that many brands struggle with. [Tweet “Even the most delicious meals can be ruined by poor food photography.”] American businesswoman Martha Stewart has recently been mocked for her awful tweets of what could potentially be delicious food, made particularly unappetising by poor lighting, uncompromising angles and, well, just bad photography!

Matsutake mushrooms sliced over broken rice and broth

Does this look ‘very very good’ to you? No, we didn’t think so either! This goes to show just how important food photography is for the successful marketing of your shop, café, restaurant or catering company.

Through these pictures, you are trying to show a potential customer what they can look forward to eating when they order with you. For a shop or restaurant with a healthy approach to food, for instance, this would include a focus on the manageable portion sizes to the freshness and healthiness of the ingredients. This is a reassuring message to customers that they wouldn’t have to compromise their diet or health-conscious lifestyle by enjoying a meal out.

Incorporating Restaurant Food Photography Into Your Menu Is Now Essential

[Tweet “Meet your customer’s expectations with food porn images of dishes you actually serve.”] Add images of your restaurant’s dishes to your menu by incorporating an interactive menu system on your website. More details about an interactive menu system featuring advanced social sharing capabilities, plus optional online ordering can be found on our Restaurant Ordering System page.

Restaurant Food Ordering System

Using The Right Food Photography Food Porn To Promote Your Business

Many restaurateurs use stock photography images to promote their restaurants; this is a very risky business. Often dishes served at these restaurants do not look as appetising as the actual image used to promote the dish. This can lead to customer dissatisfaction, as the customer is not served exactly what he or she was expecting. Obviously, you want to avoid any customer dissatisfaction at all times. Customers have more power than ever before and can make or break a restaurant business by simply submitting reviews or leaving comments on any of their social network accounts. The power of social media and online reviews should not be dismissed. [Tweet “It only takes one negative review or comment to harm your business.”] Your restaurant’s reputation is very precious and must be managed properly for your business to be successful. Set up Google Alerts to stay on top of your businesses’ online reputation.

At Restaurant Marketing Agency we work with your brand to manage the reputation you want and attract your target audience accordingly. With our experienced and professional food photography expertise, we can help you market your food to the right people. If you are interested in how we can help you successfully market your business’ delicious foods, view our Portfolio now or contact us today!


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Photo source: Subway: (Real Flickr AlishaV) and @MarthaStewart