Over the years, many restaurateurs have used creative restaurant content marketing strategies to generate bookings. From posting witty tweets incorporating the use of hashtags to creating and uploading behind the scenes videos to YouTube. Content marketing for restaurants enables restaurateurs to reach a large audience when the correct strategy has been deployed. Learn How To Develop A Marketing Strategy For A Restaurant and drive more web traffic/visitors to your restaurant’s website. Using the right restaurant content marketing strategy can make all the difference in the success or failure of a restaurant. However, using content marketing is only one part of the business a restaurateur needs to get correct to have a great business. If your restaurant’s plates and service are bad, it won’t matter how much great content marketing you do, people will eventually realise and stop coming back for more.

Content Marketing for Restaurants

One of the best ways of utilising the power of content marketing for restaurants is to create a restaurant blog. You can learn more about doing so here Starting A Restaurant Blog. Incorporating a blog into your restaurant’s website has many benefits. One such benefit, is, you will be able to create and implement a content marketing strategy that attracts the right type of customer to your restaurant. You will also be able to grow the all-important email marketing list for your business. Having a blog on your website also gives full control over it, which is essential for safe guarding the digital assets of your business.

Social Media Content Marketing for Restaurants

Once you have published your new blog posts, you’ll next need to promote them. One approach you can take is to utilise the power of social media marketing. Social media use is still growing. As of October 2019 Facebook now has over 2.41 billion monthly active users, globally. Facebook is the world’s leading social network in terms of active monthly users. YouTube is also a social network and has 2 billion monthly active users, globally as of October 2019. These two crazy social media statistics alone should speak volumes in terms of which social networks should be included in your restaurant content marketing strategy.

Restaurant Video Marketing

Check out these 55 video marketing statistics for 2019. The growing popularity of online video, social media and the fact that YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, should help narrow down your marketing strategy. These facts should dictate where your restaurant content marketing efforts need to be. Once you have created promotional videos to help market your restaurant online. Be sure to upload them to both YouTube and Facebook. This tactic will yield better results and get you more video views on Facebook. To find out more on getting the most from your YouTube video marketing. Visit Growth Hacking YouTube to get the best video marketing tools and tips to grow your restaurant business.

Twitter Restaurant Marketing

Twitter is another great social media network to conduct content marketing for restaurants, and best of all, it is free to use! Tap into the power of hastags on this popular platform. Use a social media scheduling tool to automate the promotion of your new blog posts. Remember to include the right combination of hashtags to gain extra exposure for your content. To learn more about marketing your restaurant on Twitter, the following post entitled Growth Hacking Twitter is stacked full of useful tips and tools to grow your business.

Restaurant Content Marketing Tools

Restaurant content marketing is a powerful type of marketing that any restaurant owner can use. Many consumers find themselves inundated daily with irrelevant information via social media, email, and other means. If you can separate yourself from mainstream and provide useful information, or make people laugh with your content, you can succeed.

Understanding the importance of content marketing can help you understand how best to use it for the promotion of your restaurant. From understanding the Best Content Marketing Tools to use and the best ways to create effective marketing strategies, you can improve exposure, engagement, and success.

Restaurant Marketing Tools

Restaurant Marketing Tools make it easy for you to share valuable information with customers, such as your latest promotion. You can use various tools to help you manage your social media accounts in one place, or schedule your daily posts for automated publishing. Tools of this nature can simplify content marketing management and make your work life easier. One such social media scheduling tool is SocialBee. Restaurant Marketing Agency has partnered with SocialBee to bring you social media content marketing for restaurant at an affordable price. Keep reading to find out more about SocialBee and how they can be a huge benefit to your business.

Social Media Marketing For Restaurants

Restaurant Social Media Specialist

SocialBee is both a software solution and a service all-in-one. You can just use their social media scheduling software and manually create the content for your social media accounts yourself. Or, use their social media concierge service and get a social media specialist for your restaurant to the most from your social media content marketing. If you are a small restaurant and have limited time for social media management. We suggest you outsource your restaurant’s social media management to allow you the best possible chance of generating bookings via social media. If you need a restaurant reservation software solution visit the Restaurant Booking System page for more details.

Restaurant Content Marketing Tactics

There are plenty of restaurant content marketing tactics you can use to engage your audience. Improving your tactics can also improve how customers feel about your restaurant. According to one helpful infographic, 68% of consumers feel better about a product, business, or brand after consuming content related to it.

Tactics you can use include:

  • Cross-promotion
  • Staff relations
  • Taking pictures
  • Sharing online reviews
  • Using the power of video marketing
  • Create Instagram Stories

You can learn more about Instagram Stories by click on the next link Instagram Strategy For Restaurant. The post is pack full of useful Instagram marketing information to help promote your restaurant on the world’s sixth most popular social network. Click on the next link to learn more about the importance of using a Social Media Manager For Restaurants.

Use Click-To-Tweet Features to Promote Your Restaurant’s Content

The Click-To-Tweet feature directly below enables a user to easily post a pre-written tweet including hashtags to help promote your restaurant’s content. This is a great Twitter marketing strategy that you can set up and forget. Every time someone clicks on the Click-To-Tweet feature your restaurant will be promoted on Twitter for free! Click on the button below to see how this Twitter promtional tool works. You will obviously need to be logged into a Twitter account to be able to share the content on a Twitter acount.

Restaurant Social Media Post Ideas

Share information about your staff to show your audience how much you care. For instance, share a picture or information about a waiter’s favourite dish. Make sure you also take pictures of behind-the-scenes to show your audience you have a professional business. Typically, the kitchen is out of sight, so feature pictures of your well-maintained and professionally run kitchen for customers to see. Sharing photos of this nature will build trust with your audience and give your existing customers more reason to share these photos on social media.

There are many tactics you can employ to improve your restaurant content marketing strategies. Focusing on your tactics and employing the advice given allows you to enjoy more effective restaurant marketing. We suggest you constantly test and refine your restaurant content marketing to get the best results.

Restaurant Content Marketing – Conclusion

By applying these tips and using some of the marketing tools, you can experience the benefits of restaurant content marketing for yourself. There are plenty of social media professionals that can help guide you along the way, SocialBee being one of the best. There are also hundreds of Free Tools you can use, that can improve your marketing efforts to yield more bookings. As with most things in life. You get out what you put in and social media is no different. Be professional, use the right strategy and tools, test and refine and be consistent to get the results you desire. Hopefully, the information above will help and get you on the right track for social media marketing success.


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