Instagram Strategy For Restaurant – Living in a world of food blogs, #FoodPorn hashtags and self-proclaimed “foodies”, one can see a direct correlation between food, dining out and social media. People love to share with their friends and family what they’re eating by posting a snap of their food on Instagram. The huge popularity of camera phones and Instagram, along with trending food-related hashtags means you need to join in with the photo food party! In this post, we’ll explore Instagram marketing tips and tools to help you create an Instagram marketing strategy to boost the success of your restaurant. Learn how to tap into this valuable social media marketing channel now and give your bookings a bump.

The Perfect Restaurant Marketing Platform

If a marketer could dream up the perfect marketing platform to promote a restaurant it would look a lot like Instagram. There is maybe no better industry in which Instagram is better geared to market than the restaurant industry. With Instagram being such a visual social media platform, it lends itself perfectly for the promotion of tasty restaurant dishes. Every time a new high-quality photo is published on this highly popular platform. Is another chance to gain extra exposure for your restaurant.

Instagram Study

A study has revealed just how important a role Instagram plays for millennials and their decision-making process when choosing a restaurant.

According to research conducted by Zizzi, home of the Rustica pizza! eighteen to thirty five year olds spend five whole days a year browsing images of food on Instagram, and a surprising, 30 percent would avoid a restaurant if their Instagram presence was weak.

Capturing People’s Attention

Everyone needs to eat and everyone gets hungry. So, the chances of capturing people’s attention at the right moment with mouth-watering photos of your restaurant’s food are pretty high. Restaurants are tapping into this opportunity and using the free social media marketing platform to build relationships with existing and potential customers. Promote fresh menu items and acquire new fans along the way. Instagram marketing and advertising has evolved from a great option to a total need. Keep reading to learn more about this massively popular social network and how to best market your restaurant on Instagram.

Instagram Strategy For Restaurant

Hashtag For Restaurant Instagram

Make sure your restaurant’s posts are searchable by tagging your posts with hashtags to boost your restaurant’s searchability on the Instagram platform.

Using the right hashtags on your posts can help them get found by any Instagram searchers using the same hashtags featured on your posts. Include trending hashtags to piggyback on the high traffic volumes of these popular hashtags. However, be sure to implement a strategy that ties in with your restaurant business, otherwise, you will attract the wrong type of traffic/vistors to your posts. Use hashtags related to your specific restaurant’s name or a signature dish or drink title for example, #LondonGinCocktails #GourmetBurgerBrighton or #BestBurgerLondon.

Best Hashtags For Restaurants

Best hashtags for restaurants, unfortunately, there is not a one-size-fits-all hashtag strategy for every restaurant. Each restaurant will need to test different hashtags out to see which deliver the best results. Check your Instagram analytics to see which hashtags return the most amount of impressions and keep using them! If you have a fine dining restaurant, you will want to explore fine dining hashtags. You can use hashtag generating tools to help you find the best hashtags for your posts. Instagram allows maximum of thirty hashtags per post, so you have lots of opportunity to get extra impressions with the right combination of hashtags.

Instagram Strategy For Restaurant

Hashtag Generator Tool offer four hashtag tools in one! Use the hashtag generator to find top hashtags, random hashtags, live hashtags or similar hashtags. All of these different types of hashtags can be incorporated into your posts to gain extra impressions giving your brand more online exposure.

A good way to check popular hashtags is to type some into your Instagram search bar. For example, specifying by area: i.e., #LondonFoodie returns (979,000 posts) instead of #Foodie which is broader and returns (138 million posts) or #FoodPorn which returns 213 million. Depending on which hashtag strategy you employ will determine how much extra traffic you can potentially drive to your posts. Using a combination of broader hashtags like the examples above will certainly generate more impressions.

Instagram Strategy For Restaurant

Hashtag Strategy

However, it will likely be more beneficial to use hashtags that also include a location. Or, something that is unique to your business. Individuals will use hashtags to search for a restaurant in a specific area. The search will return posts including the geolocation in the hashtag, (providing one has been added). For example, there are 435,000 posts including the hashtag #LondonRestaurants. Using a hashtag that features your restaurant location will narrow down your target audience and allow your restaurant’s Instagram marketing strategy to be more refined and thus, more successful. Whereas, a post featuring #FoodPorn will attract traffic from all over the world. Most of which, these hashtag searchers possess no intention of actually dining at your restaurant.

Instagram Marketing Statistics

According to a study by SimplyMeasured. Instagram posts with at least one hashtag gain 12.6% more engagement. Furthermore, posts with a location receive 79% more engagement.

Hashtag Top Tip!

Look for hashtags that will enable you to get a serious amount of natural views. However, not so popular or broad that your post is going to be buried along with the other 85 million #Foodie posts.

Hootsuite Instagram Stats.

Hootsuite has published some rather interesting Instagram statistics, learn more about this hugely popular social network and get 37 Instagram stats. that matter to marketers.

Brandwatch Instagram Stats.

To view even more crazy stats, Brandwatch has published forty nine incredible Instagram statistics.

Instagram Strategy For Restaurant

Instagram Analytics Tools

Instagram strategy for restaurant. Using Instagram analytics to guide and course adjust your Instagram marketing. This tactic should absolutely be part of your Instagram restaurant marketing strategy. Click on the next link to view eleven free Instagram analytics tools to help you refine your Instagram marketing.

Instagram Scheduler

Instagram scheduling tools can make your life a lot easier. However, choose your tool very wisely. We say choose wisely because you can easily get your account closed down by Instagram if using such tools. We suggest doing some deep research on this topic if you are looking to use a third party scheduling tool. As a much safer alternative, you can now schedule your standard Instagram posts and IGTV videos via a desktop computer. Best of all, it won’t cost you a penny! This free Instagram schedulling tool is called Creator Studio and is the only tool currently available to schedule IGTV videos. Here are 6 ways to use IGTV for business.

Click on the following link to learn more about how to schedule Instagram posts on a desktop without third-party tools.

Instagram Stories

Incorporating Instagram Stories into your Instagram strategy for restaurant marketing you will have much more flexibility within the platform. For example, you will be able to add links to drive traffic away from Instagram. This means you will be able to drive visitors to the menu or bookings page on your website. Instagram only allows for you to add one link to your profile page, which is not ideal. However, with Instagram Stories. You can add external links to drive traffic to anywhere else on the web you so wish.

To get the full heads up about Instagram Stories, visit their help center.

The helpful guys over at Social Media Examiner have put together a rather useful post to help you with your Instagram Stories for Business. Learn how to create engaging stories. If you have no spare time to read the full post. There an audio version in the form of a podcast for you to check out.

What If You Have No Time To Create and Schedule Content?

If you would like to have someone, create and schedule high-quality content for your restaurant’s social media accounts. We suggest booking a free demo with our social media marketing partner SocialBee. The content will be used for the promotion of your restaurant on the major social networks. Such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn, etc. to attract new customers and generate more bookings. To learn more about the benefits of hiring a professional to look after your social media accounts including Instagram, click here Social Media Manager For Restaurants.

Social Media Marketing For Restaurants