How To Use Facebook For Restaurants And Boost Sales

Running a restaurant entails a long list of responsibilities and may leave no time for exploring different ways to market your business. Fortunately, with the continuous growth and expansion of digital advertising, there is now an effective and relatively easy method for increasing foot traffic to your restaurant: a well-designed social media campaign – particularly, a Facebook ad campaign.

Facebook has been an effective marketing platform for restaurants and local businesses within the last three years or so. Other social media sites have recognised and utilised their own marketing potential, but Facebook stands out with its massive number of active users, as well as its continuous effort to improve capabilities to bring businesses closer to their customers and vice versa.

If you do not know how to use Facebook for restaurants, the best time to learn is now. Leveraging Facebook tactics can get more customers to walk into your restaurant and increase your returns.

To achieve these goals, we break down the process down into two objectives:

  • Generate campaign ideas
  • Drive foot traffic

Generating Campaign Ideas

Your objective here is simple: excite your audience. Here’s how:

Think like Your Customer

If you have been promoting your restaurant for a while, this should not come as a surprise. [Tweet “One of the first steps in effective marketing is to know your audience. #RestaurantMarketing “] This is especially true for Facebook ad campaigns.

If you were in their shoes, think about why you would want to visit your own restaurant. Create a tone for your Facebook creatives based on this.

This is why engagement is important. It gives you feedback from customers, which you can use when considering changes, like adding more tables and chairs, improving accommodations for takeaway orders, or providing online updates when the shop is full.

The comments can greatly help you find the right tone for your social profile, as well as improve overall service.

Build a Community

Building a community is more for repeat customers than new ones. Get your current customers to join the group, where you will hear their ideas about promos, menu changes, and even the restaurant’s ambience. This enables you to connect with your loyal customers on a deeper level. The more they engage with you on Facebook, the more likely they’ll return for a meal or a drink.

How To Use Facebook For Restaurants - Restaurant Marketing Agency

Driving Traffic to Your Business

After getting new ideas for getting customers to notice your social profile, it is time to get them to visit your restaurant. This is where Facebook plays a truly special role – with Local Awareness ads and Facebook Offers.

Local Awareness Ads

How To Use Facebook For Restaurants

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Local Awareness Ads are some of Facebook’s newest offerings for small businesses with a special targeting capability of reaching people within a one mile radius of your business. If you are hungry and happen upon an ad on your News Feed for a restaurant nearby, would you try it? For most people, the answer is yes.

What’s more, Local Awareness Ads have a call-to-action button labelled ‘Get Directions’, an easy yet intuitive way to lead excited customers to your restaurant.

Facebook Offers

Facebook Offers are promotions and discounts you create from your Page, which customers can redeem in your restaurant. This is primarily built to get people talking about your business. When users claim their offers, their friends may see it as a story in their News Feed. Moreover, having people try your restaurant through an offer is a great way to acquire new customers.

To increase the number of users redeeming the offers they claim on Facebook, your offers must be designed in a way that encourages them to redeem them in person.


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Bottom Line:

If you have not established a social presence nor invested enough effort into building connections with customers, this is the best time to start.

Like any other business, your ultimate goal is to boost sales. Take the first step by getting in touch with people with the expertise and the right tools to optimise your Facebook campaign.


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