How To Promote Restaurant On Facebook And Win

Facebook can be a fantastic way to market your restaurant. With around 30 million Facebook users in the United Kingdom, wherever you are, you can be sure that people are logging on and discovering local businesses.

If you are wondering how to promote a restaurant on Facebook and win, here are some of the best ways to do so.

Only Post Relevant and Interesting Content That Will Resonate With Your Target Audience

Relevance is everything on Facebook. When people see your content, they rarely give it more than a quick glance. Most news feeds are stuffed with ads and other messages, so there’s always plenty of competition.

The secret is to target the right users and provide them with images and deals that they can relate. People in their 30s might appreciate family saver deals, while younger people may be more impressed by flashy images promoting drinks deals. Whatever you do, always keep relevance at the front of your mind.

Always Respond to Comments ASAP

Keeping on the right side of customers is crucial to Facebook success. When restaurants provide poor service, word spreads fast. Local Facebook users find out quickly which restaurants apologise and assist their customers, and which ones ignore them. Providing a quick reply to a customer query can also be the difference between securing a booking or business going elsewhere, so always be ready to respond.


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Post Photos of Your Food Regularly

Food adverts should always appeal to the senses. You can’t taste digital content, but you can certainly see it, which is why producing beautiful images of your food is so important. Devise a regular posting schedule and change your ads frequently as new dishes appear. Take the time to create professional quality images as well. It really makes a difference.

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How To Promote Restaurant On Facebook - Restaurant Marketing Agency

Encourage Customers to Check-In

Facebook is a social network, not a billboard where people post adverts. The whole idea of the site is to bring people together and to create relationships. Successful restaurants always have a core group of loyal customers, and encouraging patrons to check-in regularly is a great way to build one. Give them exclusive content, offer them deals, and keep them as happy as possible.

Invest In Paid Ads And Test Them Constantly

If your restaurant is going to succeed on Facebook, you need to be proactive, which means investing in paid advertising. There’s no way around this. It has to be done.

As you launch ads, test them as much as possible. You can use Facebook’s analytical tools to compare two different ads, working out which ones are the most effective, and refine your advertising strategy until you have found a winning formula.

If you want to promote a restaurant on Facebook and win, it often helps to bring in external expertise. At the Restaurant Marketing Agency, we will find creative ways to promote your business on Facebook, delivering high conversion rates at a very low cost. We can do the analysis, all you need to do is keep serving up great food.


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