How To Make Your Restaurant Busy: Surprising Secrets From The Pros

When you own a restaurant, you need customers. It just won’t do if you’re only busy during peak hours.

But how do you get the customers you need? Lines stretching around the block are a restaurateur’s dream come true, but few establishments achieve this. If you’re struggling to figure out how to make your restaurant busy, you’re in luck. At Restaurant Marketing Agency we specialise in clever, creative restaurant marketing. We’ve successfully helped numerous restaurants in Britain get noticed and bring in more customers. How did we achieve this? We’re about to share some of our secrets with you, giving you the details of how we turned around two formerly struggling restaurants: Seawise Camden in London and The Old Bank Steak and Ribs Restaurant in Brighton. We also share a video we created for The Burger Brothers in Brighton who were recently awarded Britain’s best burger.

Seawise Camden: From Unknown Eatery To Top London Restaurant

Today, Seawise Camden is thriving. They’re so busy they often have to turn customers away. But it wasn’t always like that. This London seafood restaurant struggled to bring in enough customers on a daily basis, despite their fabulous food and great service. When we came on board, we put together a digital marketing strategy that helped Seawise Camden spiral up to #45 on TripAdvisor out of over 17,000 restaurants listed in London. The Seawise Facebook page and Twitter account have also seen a substantial boost in page likes and followers respectively since we implemented a social media marketing strategy.

Building A Web Presence

First, we realised that at the time, they didn’t have a professional web presence at all. The website was very basic and dated and they were not employing a social media strategy. The first thing people do when they are thinking about trying a new restaurant is to look it up online. Having a great restaurant website is essential. It needs to look appealing, fit the brand aesthetic, and most importantly, have the information people are looking for — that is, a full menu with high-quality photos plus contact and location details and an online booking system to make it easy for diners to book a table.

One of the first things we did was build them a beautiful new website. For hosting, we decided to use Flywheel. Their managed WordPress hosting was a perfect fit, providing all the technical support we needed, but most importantly, it allowed the website to load quickly, essential for good user experience, especially on mobile. The website was the first step in making sure Seawise Camden saw a return on their investment with us. If you’re wondering how to make your restaurant busy, you won’t get very far without a website (that is fit for purpose).

Seawise Camden

Seawise uses our bronze package from Restaurant Marketing Packages. We handled and in fact are still handling every aspect of their website, this includes Restaurant Blog Management to boost SEO. By handing over the website management to us, it leaves the owners and staff to focus on providing great food and excellent service to their customers. To enhance the user experience, we integrated an interactive menu system on their new website. This menu features beautiful Food Photography and easy to use social sharing features.

Seawise Menu Managment

We look after all the content updates, custom imagery designs and photography for the menu, to ensure the website displays the correct information at all times. On top of looking after all content changes, we manage all software updates and speed optimisation. Having a fast loading website is essential to ensure the user experience and performance of the website is the best it can be across all devices for all users.

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How To Make Your Restaurant Busy - Restaurant Marketing Agency

Getting Social

Seawise Camden also invested in building up their social media accounts. Facebook and other social platforms are a great way for local businesses to reach out to potential customers. Building brand recognition and engagement with the community is key to social media success. Keeping on top of your social media accounts to get the desired results takes a lot of effort. To make life easier, Restaurant Marketing Agency has partnered with SocialBee to bring you affordable social media marketing. SocialBee offers a concierge social media service which means you don’t have to worry about your social media anymore. SocialBee will provide you with your own professional social media manager to ensure you get bookings via your social media accounts. To learn more about this fantastic service click on the following link Social Media Marketing For Restaurants and book your free demo today.

Social Media Marketing For Restaurants

How to make your restaurant busy doesn’t just come down to having professionally managed social media accounts. Once the restaurant’s social media accounts are looking great, you’ll need to ensure your customers can easily access them when dining at your restaurant. Restaurant Marketing Agency has partnered with Beambox to bring a very cost-effective restaurant WiFi solution. This restaurant WiFi solution not only allows your customers to connect to the Internet with ease. This fantastic service also helps to grow your restaurant business by capturing guest data for future marketing campaigns. Click on the following image to learn more abour Beambox and how it can grow your business. Beambox offers a Free 30 day trialno set-up costs and you can cancel anytime, so you have nothing to lose.

What We Do Weekly

If you’re interested in finding out

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you might wonder what exactly we do on a weekly basis. That’s a great question. Here’s a run-down on the tasks we complete to maintain and expand Seawise Camden’s strong web presence.

Custom Food Photography And Artwork For Social Media

The talented design team at SocialBee creates custom graphics and artwork for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc. Each piece of custom artwork is designed to catch the eye of potential diners and is optimised to encourage social sharing. All of which, is essential in today’s very crowded social media feeds. Custom artwork can include gorgeous, high-quality photos featuring your restaurants actual dishes. Seawise has used our Restaurant Photographer in the past to build up their digital assets for online marketing. Click on the following link to learn more about the importance of Content Marketing For Restaurants.

For restaurants, ‘high quality’ photography is absolutely essential. Rich visuals and enticing images of the food itself tend to perform very well on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. So-called “foodporn” is incredibly popular, and it’s almost guaranteed to be shared — a recipe for great organic reach. Our custom food photography is widely shared, introducing Seawise to new people every day. Click on the following link to learn more about Food Photography Marketing and why is it a crucial ingredient for the success of your restaurant.

How To Make Your Restaurant Busy - Restaurant Marketing Agency

For restaurants, ‘high quality’ photography is absolutely essential. Rich visuals and enticing images of the food itself tend to perform very well on Facebook and Twitter. So-called “foodporn” is incredibly popular, and it’s almost guaranteed to be shared — a recipe for great organic reach. Our custom food photography is widely shared, introducing Seawise Camden to new people every day.

Content Curation for Facebook and Twitter

Along with original designs, SocialBee also curate interesting content from other sources. Using the SocialBee management dashboard, a SocialBee social media manager carefully selects the perfect images to post, to encourage shares, comments, and likes on Facebook and ReTweets and likes on Twitter etc.

The goal is to engage the restaurant’s target audience by sharing content your existing customers and potential customers will absolutely love. A SocialBee social media manager will gather interesting articles, relevant images and artwork, and other content from all across the web, to share with the Seawise social media followers.

Managing the Website

We handle the website in its entirety, leaving the owners and staff of Seawise Camden to focus on what they do best. We take care of any necessary software updates, as well as generating and publishing fresh content on a regular basis. For special occasions that are prime times for restaurants, like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, we put up customised seasonal artwork designs.

Facebook Management

For local restaurants like Seawise Camden, Facebook is one of the most important tools in a marketing repertoire. Our partnership with SocialBee offers social media management services that are focused on continually building up and engaging an audience of interested, hungry Londoners. The social media manager creates and posts custom artwork weekly for them, putting gorgeous food photography front and center to entice and tempt their fans and generate sales.

Cultivating A Strong Digital Presence

For Seawise Camden, our digital marketing efforts paid off handsomely. Today, they’re among London’s top restaurants. They have a thousand Twitter followers, 1200 Facebook page likes, and hundreds of positive online reviews, especially on TripAdvisor, one of the most important online review sites in the world. Their newfound social media presence has transformed the once-quiet restaurant into a go-to place for seafood in London.

Seawise Camden Statistics


TripAdvisor details:

  • #45 of 17,153 Restaurants in London
  • 5 of 5 stars
  • 358 Reviews
  • Certificate of Excellence

Facebook Page Likes 1229

Twitter Follows 1000

Services provided to Seawise by Restaurant Marketing Agency:


Restaurant Marketing  Essential Package

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How To Make Your Restaurant Busy - Restaurant Marketing Agency

The Old Bank Steak And Ribs: 33% More Revenue In 6 Months

Like Seawise Camden, this charming Brighton steakhouse often turns customers away because they’re already full. Today, they’re #63 of 817 restaurants in Brighton, with hundreds of positive online reviews and a thriving Twitter and Facebook presence.

Using our website maintenance plan in conjunction with a brand new website plus Social Media For Restaurants, we were able to increase their revenue by 33% in just six months. For the full story, you can read our entire Restaurant Marketing Case Study. But, here’s the gist of what we did for them:

A Fast Loading And Responsive Website

Restaurant websites need to load at lightning speed. Slow loading sites turn visitors away, and can also damage SEO. By using Flywheel for managed WordPress hosting, we created a new website for The Old Bank Steak & Ribs. To increase bookings, we incorporated an online booking form that lets guests reserve their table instantly, without even needing to call the restaurant. This streamlined approach to making reservations has proved very successful in increasing the restaurant’s number of bookings.

We also added an interactive menu. Originally, their menu was text-based and had no way to share the individual dishes across social media. By adding food photography to their interactive menu, we increased online user retention and engagement. By adding, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn social icons to the menu system, we made it easy for people to share the photos with their friends and family across these major social networks, increasing brand exposure across the web.

On Facebook, we incorporated a Call-to-Action button labeled “Book Now.” In conjunction with original and curated content that caught their target audience’s interest, we succeeded in bringing people over to the website by connecting it to Facebook more effectively.

The Old Bank Steak And Ribs Restaurant Statistics


TripAdvisor details:

  • #63 of 817 Restaurants in Brighton
  • 0 of 5 stars
  • 456 Reviews
  • Certificate of Excellence

Facebook Page Likes 1170

Twitter Follows 876

Services provided to The Old Bank by Restaurant Marketing Agency:


Restaurant marketing Essential Package

The Burger Brothers: Spreading The Word About Britain’s Best Burger

The Burger Brothers was recently awarded “Britain’s Best Burger” by Unilever Food Solutions. Of all the restaurants in Brighton, they’re #4. With thousands of Facebook page likes and Twitter followers, they’re definitely one of the area’s most popular restaurants.

Their secret marketing weapon is TripAdvisor, one of the top marketing platforms for restaurants, hotels, and other establishments that rely at least partly on tourism. Online reviews are something that customers tend to trust, and a great rating on TripAdvisor can make a big difference for a restaurant. The Burger Brothers added the TripAdvisor widget to their Facebook page to enhance the user experience of any Facebook visitors wishing to read their TripAdvisor reviews. The TripAdvisor widget allows The Burger Brothers Facebook fans to not only read but also write reviews without having to leave the Facebook platform.

We created a promotional video for The Burger Brothers and posted it to both Facebook and YouTube. The video showcases their great food, ingredients and friendly atmosphere. The video was a hit, helping to increase brand awareness and spread the word about the best burgers in Britain.

How To Make Your Restaurant Busy

As you can see, we’ve helped these restaurants achieve some extraordinary online brand exposure to help grow their businesses. A fast loading, responsive website, a strong social media presence, and great TripAdvisor reviews are all essential marketing tools that can help a restaurant reach more people, bring in more customers, and generate more revenue.

You can implement these strategies yourself, but running a restaurant is hard work. You have a lot on your plate between ensuring food quality, great service, balancing your accounts, managing staff and everything else you have to do when you’re running a business. At Restaurant Marketing Agency, we work with eateries throughout Britain to build an online audience, help cultivate genuine engagement with customers, and most importantly, get more people to come and try the food. To find out more, reach out to us any time. Get your Free Consultation now!

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