Free Restaurant Website: 10 Things Your New Website Needs

Building a versatile, well-designed website for your restaurant shouldn’t be overlooked. Potential customers are out there, searching their phones for local eateries every day. Before you go ahead and settle on a free restaurant website, ask yourself, ‘How do I make my site stand out and get noticed?’

Is the Website Mobile Friendly?

More and more people are taking to their smartphones to find restaurants, browse menus and even make reservations. This fact alone makes it essential for your restaurant’s website to be mobile friendly.

If you want to find out if your site fits the bill, enter the URL into the Mobile-Friendly Test page and check out the results.

Mobile platforms are on the rise at an accelerated rate, increasing by 10% in just one year. This means that your free restaurant website templates should be responsive and easily adapted for customers on the go to use their phones or tablets.

Is Your Free Restaurant Website Working for You?

You’ve got a URL, choose one of the many free restaurant website WordPress themes, and have had it expertly designed for customers to explore. How do you know that the site is working for you?

Measuring the user’s experience is another aspect that will only benefit your restaurant’s site. Knowing if people find it easy to maneuver, and what, if any, areas need improvement, are essential factors for creating a successful website.

Where does the page rank on a Google search? Understanding the right keywords and incorporating SEO tactics to be found online is just as important as how well the site itself functions.

When you have user feedback to help fine tune the pages and start to show up in the Google searches, there’s a better chance of increasing the amount of traffic to the website. In turn, that can result in more customers coming through your restaurant’s doors.

Include an Interactive Menu System

Offering an interactive menu on your restaurant WordPress theme free website is a growing trend that has immense value. Two of the best reasons to include this service is free marketing and user convenience.

By including an interactive menu, and allowing users to share the images of the food across the major social media networks, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Pinterest can result in free marketing for your restaurant.

Adding high quality and flattering images of the food on the interactive menu also helps entice potential customers to come in and try your restaurant.

Free Restaurant Website Interactive Menu System - Restaurant Marketing Agency

Get the TripAdvisor Review Widget

Another powerful marketing tool that can be added to free restaurant WordPress themes is a TripAdvisor Widget. This popular site feature lets your customers leave comments and read reviews about the restaurant and service.

Even though there are many tools out there that can offer this service, TripAdvisor is a very well-known and frequently used feature that people trust. It tends to hold more influence than other platforms.

The more you pay attention to the customer feedback, help settle complaints and follow through with the restaurant’s mission statement, the better the chance of receiving a Certificate of Excellence award from TripAdvisor.

If a recipient of this honor, you will receive a digital badge to display on your restaurant website proudly.

Customers who see this badge are likely to stick around and peruse the menu and maybe even place an order. Its presence on the site can offer a sense of trust and confidence in your restaurant’s menu and service.

Free Restaurant Website - TripAdvisor Review Widget - Restaurant Marketing Agency

Professional Food Photography

Social media is flooded with pictures tagged for friends and other ‘foodies’ to see the scrumptious plates that have been ordered from a wide variety of restaurants. People love to share the menu items that look appealing, and that have been photographed in a provocative, professional way.

People tend to “eat with their eyes” first. Having a professionally-staged photo gallery featured on the free restaurant website, individuals will be more apt share one of these beautiful plates of food to their social media accounts as something they want to try from your menu.

Free Restaurant Website - Use Professional Food Photography - Restaurant Marketing Agency

Offer an Online Booking System

Incorporating an online booking system is an important feature to offer your customers. Having one built into the free WordPress themes restaurant website allows customers to reserve a table while on-the-go.

The restaurant does not get billed anything for using this kind of service. All bookings are made through the website’s online system are completely free of charge.

Free Restaurant Website - Free Booking System - Restaurant Marketing Agency


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Dedicate a Page to Promotions

Every high-quality restaurant website has a page devoted to promotional items. They can offer whatever you want them to say to draw in more customers.

Posting them on the restaurant’s website allows customers to share them to their social media pages resulting in a wave of free marketing for you!

Changing the promotional deals frequently and sharing them across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn can spread the word without costing you a dime.

WordPress Website Maintenance

No free restaurant website can run smoothly with all these great widgets and accessories unless it is updated and maintained on a regular basis. WordPress and its many themes are updated approximately every two months to help fix any bugs or security issues that may arise.

The most common updates you’ll need to watch for include those for WordPress core, plus your theme and plugins. Keeping up with these fixes can sometimes be tedious, but they ensure that the site is safe for your customers and free from any glitches.

Free Restaurant Website - Restaurant Website Maintenance - Restaurant Marketing Agency

Faster Server Leads to a Better User Experience

Having a well-designed free restaurant WordPress theme is going to do wonders for you and your customers. However, it isn’t the only part of the planning process.

When you are gathering the pieces to complete this puzzle, consider investing in a faster web hosting package. Making this investment will only be a benefit to you in the long run.

Customers will be able to make reservations or order a meal quickly without any complications, ultimately giving them the most streamlined user experience.

Free Restaurant Website - Get a Fast and Reliable Server - Restaurant Marketing Agency

Google Analytics Keep You Informed

One of the most important tools to include when building any website is Google Analytics. This feature offers so much valuable information about your site from the number of hits to information on the people who are visiting.

Google Analytics will tell you where the visitors live, how they found you, and how long they are staying on your site. Once you understand how to interpret this information, you can use it to pinpoint promotions and advertising campaigns.

Free Restaurant Website - Google Analytics - Restaurant Marketing Agency


Having a stylish, free restaurant website built is much easier than you think. By using a variety of features like the TripAdvisor widget, an interactive menu system for online ordering and a gallery of high quality photographs that show off your food, there’s no reason you can’t have a successful website.


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