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Get Free Marketing Tools to Help Promote Your Restaurant Online

The restaurant industry thrives on hard work, dedication, and fierce competition. Get free restaurant marketing tools to help create content for your restaurant’s Facebook page to keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Otherwise, that steady crowd of loyal guests will devote their time elsewhere. Thankfully, you can take advantage of free restaurant marketing in the form of internet content.

Out of the Box, Into the Web

While billboard, magazine, and newspaper ads all have their merit, the internet opens up a new doorway between your business and its customers. That news isn’t new, but ads posted all over the web are not getting the same results they used to.

In fact, they’ve become such a nuisance that hundreds of millions of Americans have opted use ad blockers. While that may mean a better web surfing experience for them, it also means they are now cut off from your paid advertisements.

That’s where content comes into play. In recent studies, statistics have shown exactly how effective content marketing can be for any business.

When it comes to restaurant marketing tactics, this is the best way to have guests remember your business.

What Makes Content Marketing a Worthwhile Investment?

This way, your restaurant is more than just another advertisement that people see. Customers want to feel connected and want to feel like they’re valued. In exchange, they will often supply you with repeat business.

Follow these ten simple steps to create a loyal following all year round with free restaurant marketing.

1: Define Your Marketing Strategy and Goals

2: Create a Content Calendar

Start small with holidays and seasons, then work your way up to events. Eventually, you will want to work in monthly or weekly content. Make sure your staff is kept informed, and that the information can be seen everywhere from your news emails to your business’ social media accounts.

3: Hire an In-House Content Marketer or Outsource to a Professional

With the appeal of low costs and high conversion rates, content marketing has become an industry of its own.

4: Create Custom Artwork/Image Designs for Social Media

Looking for restaurant social media ideas?

While your logo helps define your image, utilising interesting and unique photos will engage your audience further.

There are several free restaurant marketing tools that can help you create powerful image posts.

5: Publish Consistently to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at Minimum

The more consistently you post content to these outlets, the more likely you are to be seen by individuals as well as Google’s spiders who search the web for relevant content to display in their search engines.

The best restaurant social media outlet is easily Facebook having the most users actively viewing content. A steady stream of posts will keep your viewers coming back for more engaging content, which in turn will drive traffic to both your site and your location.

Free Restaurant Marketing - Restaurant Marketing Agency

6: Ask Staff to Engage with the Posts and Share/ReTweet

Each of your employees has a presence on social media. Every time they share or comment on a post their network sees your content, thus adding more potential to create new guests.

7: Use a Free Social Media Content Scheduling Tool

Take advantage of these free restaurant marketing tools to make managing your content easier by managing all of your social networks in one place, and scheduling content to be released at a later date.

These tools also allow you to monitor statistics on which posts are the most successful, including what time of day and which outlets are receiving the most clicks.

8: Track and Measure Content Performance

Getting feedback from your audience is an essential part of content marketing. It is important to consistently monitor your progress so that you can adjust your tactics and create even more effective strategies.

9: Create More of the Content That Works

Once you have determined which content strategies have been the most successful, you can focus on creating more of what people chose to engage with. If a keyword turned out to be incredibly useful, then reuse that keyword in another post. If the style was short and witty, create more of the same to keep viewers coming back to your page.

10: Rinse and Repeat to Refine and Grow Your Brand’s Online Presence

Once you have established your company’s online presence using these free restaurant marketing tools, head back to Step One and repeat the strategy. Each time you will create higher quality content that focuses on the audience you now have as loyal guests.

Remember to be patient, and learn from any mistakes. Practice makes perfect!

Free Restaurant Marketing – Conclusion

The best part about content marketing is that it costs very little if anything at all. Utilising social media is free, and you can learn how to create engaging posts and monitor their performance with ease.

It takes hard work, dedication, and fierce competition to survive in the catering industry. To separate yourself from the competition and start drawing customers to your door, you need to employ content marketing. Stop spending your time on ineffective ads and take advantage of the free restaurant marketing readily available to you in the form of custom artwork, social media, and monitoring tools to ensure your success.


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