Facebook Marketing For Restaurants: What You Need To Know

[Tweet “#Facebook offers a unique opportunity for restaurants to connect with their target audience.”] With more than 1.59 billion monthly active users, it would be surprising to find a prospective customer without an active Facebook profile. In addition to merely having an account, many of your target audience are likely to check their News Feed a few times a day.

As more and more businesses utilise Facebook for their marketing efforts, including your competitors, it is the perfect time to create a business page for restaurant, if you have not done so already. And not just any Facebook business page, but one that stands out and offers value to your consumers.

Before you go forward, learn the basics of Facebook for restaurants:

Cover Photo

Facebook Time allows restaurants to include both a profile photo and a cover photo. Being one of the first things the customers will see on your Facebook business page, the cover photo should have the image that best represents your restaurant’s theme. This can be a screenshot of menu specials, a high quality photo of your dishes, or a snap of diners enjoying a meal. Make sure it is consistent with your branding.

Facebook Marketing For Restaurants

As seen in this example, Chili’s used a professional image depicting how their food is prepared – chopping board and all.

About Section

After skimming through pictures of food and venue, users are likely to look for information about the restaurant. This is where the About section plays an important role, where the following details should appear:

  • Description, background, and other unique info
  • Contact info
  • Hours of operation
  • Services and type of food
  • Prices and payment methods

Facebook For Restaurants

In the example, you can see Chili’s has included everything from an overview to a map to the restaurant.

Custom Tabs

Creating Facebook tabs offer a way to showcase custom content along with the default tabs (e.g., About and Likes) and any apps you may have already added to your page. These custom tabs provide value to your marketing strategy because they let you create a much richer experience on Facebook. They also allow you to control the content your followers and visitors see when they come to your page.

Facebook For Restaurants Custom Tabs

Take a look at this example. For their custom tab, TGI Fridays created TGIF Virtual Gift Cards and gave their visitors more reason to stay connected.


Do not be afraid to use lots and lots of photos for your posts. [Tweet “The most shared posts on Facebook are images. #FacebookMarketingForRestaurants”] After all, you are in the business of food, and food is a visual experience as much as it is palatal. Include images of your food in your Facebook updates, which should be frequent and consistent with a good mix of inspirational texts and links to your website.

Facebook For Restaurants Posts

In the above example, Starbucks posted a shot of their cold and hot tea, captioned by a neat poem.


[Tweet “Facebook enables you to post exclusive offers on your Facebook page. #RestaurantMarketing”] These offers include incentives and deals to prospective patrons if they Like your page. Using a third party app, you can also offer group deals to get users to share your deal with their friends, and thus get those friends to Like your page, too.


[Tweet “Facebook allows geo-targeting, which for restaurants, is very ideal. #FacebookForRestaurants”] This enables local businesses to target their ads to users near their specific location, and thus, they will mostly likely come in for a meal or a drink. Their recent feature is the Local Awareness Ads, whose objective is to target the right audience, at the right place and at the right time.


Facebook allows direct video embed, doing away with having to link from a third-party source, such as YouTube. If you want to take advantage of this, consider making a short film of how your food is prepared and served, or interview the chef and satisfied customers, and then embed them on your next update.

Facebook For Restaurants Videos

TGI Fridays has posted a lot of short videos that keep the page entertaining: from promos to thank-yous to footage of their chefs being naughty.

Despite being relatively young, Facebook for restaurants has been instrumental in helping owners stay connected and engaged with their customers. Right now, this is your objective.

In the grand scheme of things, your goal is to drive traffic and boost sales. Finding the right team of experts and unlocking the potential of a solid social profile is bound to yield these results eventually.


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Facebook Marketing For Restaurants - Restaurant Marketing

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