Content Marketing For Restaurants: Why It’s So Valuable

Content marketing is now ubiquitous with more than 90 percent B2C marketers using it. The question, however, is how important is content marketing for restaurants? The answer is – more important than most of us think. Content marketing is a great way of communicating with existing and potential customers in a way that enhances a restaurant’s reputation and authority.

Content marketing allows restaurant owners to cultivate relationships with their customers by becoming a resource that adds value to their lives. This increases brand awareness and builds loyalty. The beauty of content marketing is that it is participatory and inclusive, as opposed to some other marketing methods that seem too pushy.

Some compelling facts about content marketing

Content marketing is as important for restaurants as it is for any other business trying to capture customers’ attention in this ever-so-competitive market. Here is how it is affecting the marketing landscape.

·      Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing, and generates thrice as many leads

·     78% of Chief Marketing Officer’s believe custom content is the future of marketing

·     Conversion rates are almost 6 times higher for content marketing adopters compared to non-adopters

·     69% of marketers claim that content is superior to PR and direct mail

·     Social media is the most common content delivery mechanism, used by 87% of marketers

These statistics show how important it has become for every business owner, including restaurateurs, to adopt an effective content marketing strategy in order to grow.

Content Marketing For Restaurants - Restaurant Marketing Agency

Why invest in content marketing for restaurants?

Investment in a content marketing strategy is critical to the success of any marketing program. Regular blog updates or posts on a restaurant’s Facebook page can do wonders, because restaurants still rely heavily on word of mouth as a means of marketing and proliferation. Restaurants can use content marketing to:

  • create a connection with existing and potential customers
  • build awareness and excitement
  • humanize the brand and become more approachable
  • boost SEO results
  • leverage social media by creating spreadable and share-worthy content
  • make the best of online presence
  • showcase food, services and skills
  • be future-ready

So, no matter the goal is to simply connect with customers, or to boost SEO results, content marketing can help achieve it successfully.

Content Marketing For Restaurants

Key benefits of content marketing for restaurants

Content marketing can offer various measurable benefits to restaurants including, but not limited to:

  • Reaching out to new customers
  • Increased Brand Recognition and Reputation
  • Increased engagement with target audience
  • More referral traffic
  • More leads
  • Increased conversion potential
  • Increased sales
  • Higher domain authority
  • Zero cost endorsement
  • Higher revenue by promotions via social media
  • Improved bonding with guest
  • Better SEO and increase inbound traffic
  • Decreased Marketing Costs
  • Establishes restaurant as thought leader

Content marketing provides both short term and long term benefits. From helping restaurants get more leads, to helping them outshine competition, content marketing can be of great help.

Despite its various benefits, the restaurant industry has still not been able to use content marketing to its full potential. While food-related content is gaining immense popularity, not many restaurants take advantage of this space. Restaurant owners must realize that getting a good website designed is not enough, it is equally important to create custom content and share it regularly via website, blog, and social media to engage with the target audience.

It is high time for restaurants to start using content marketing to gain competitive edge, attract potential diners, and keep them coming back for more.

Benefits of consistently publishing custom content to social media

Consistently publishing engaging content to both Facebook and Twitter is now a necessity. If you can curate and create more content for additional networks, such as Instagram or Pinterest etc. even better, as this will result in more brand exposure for your restaurant.

Posting content that resonates with the restaurant’s target audience is key, this will encourage ‘Likes’, ‘Comments’ and ‘Shares’ but is sometimes easier said than done. A content marketing strategy will help define the type of content that should be curated and custom made for daily posting.

To help restaurants manage their content marketing, scheduling and publishing to social media, we have partnered with SocialBee to bring you affordable Social Media Marketing For Restaurants.

You can clearly see below the benefits of implementing a content marketing strategy for social media. To do this, we have selected two different restaurants, each of which, appeal to different target audiences. One is a steakhouse in Brighton and the other is a fish restaurant in London. We curate and create content for both, and schedule the content for publishing to their Facebook and Twitter accounts via our social media management dashboard. You can see some custom image designs below for each restaurant.

Custom images for restaurant social media

Consistently creating and publishing custom images to both Facebook and Twitter is now essential to help generate online interest for a restaurant. Publishing custom content featuring high-quality photos of a restaurant’s food and drinks, helps drive bookings.

When implementing a content marketing strategy on a consistent basis, you will see positive results, providing you have the right strategy. Be sure to measure the results of each piece of content, this will help to fine tune content for future marketing campaigns.

By posting fresh content to a restaurant’s Facebook page on a daily basis, you give the restaurant’s audience a reason to login into Facebook and check it. There’s no question now, your target audience is on Facebook, the trick is to engage with them and get them to book.

As you can see from the weekly statistics above, the steak house in Brighton generated 4 bookings and 11 check-ins, whilst the fish restaurant in London generated 6 bookings and 13 check-ins. This proves people do book through Facebook. If you haven’t created a ‘Book Now’ button on Facebook for your restaurant, you are likely missing out on bookings. As time goes on, more people will book through Facebook. Implementing a content marketing strategy for Facebook is now more important than ever before, if you need help devising a strategy and creating custom content please feel free to get in touch and we will help you to get more bookings.

Check-ins are important too, as they provide a free form of brand exposure for a restaurant. Every time someone checks-in on Facebook whilst at a restaurant, a check-in update is posted to the Facebook account holder’s page, which is seen by their friends and family. Encouraging check-ins is well worth doing, but be careful not to violate Facebook’s terms and conditions.


Facebook is the world’s biggest social network and is still growing. Every restaurant’s target audience is on it, therefore, Facebook should be at the forefront of any restaurant’s marketing strategy. Get posting and start engaging today with potential customers and existing customers, Facebook is where it’s at.

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