Best Way to Market a Restaurant: Get More Bookings

With customers inundated with choices of dining experiences, restaurant marketing efforts need to be spread across different channels – both online and offline – to make sure that your concern gets the maximum reach. Realistically speaking, there is no one best way to market a restaurant and get more bookings. But let’s take a look at the most viable tools that can give your restaurant marketing mix a boost.

Robust Social Media Presence

Every business today has a social media presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However, the key to successful restaurant marketing online is to be consistently active on social media with fresh content and activities relevant to your target audience.

Mobile-Friendly Website

Making a social media page for your restaurant may be free but it does not allow for many customization options. Having a dedicated website helps in conveying the restaurant’s vibe as well as giving easy access to most frequently sought information like menus and the location map.

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly, since potential customers may access your website on-the-go.Click To Tweet

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Targeted Online Ads

Thanks to scalable ad tech, any business can now run online ads specifying custom budgets, audiences and locations. A restaurant can use targeted ads to reach potential customers with interest in a specific cuisine. This works even better if customers are targeted depending on their locations, especially during slow hours to generate deliveries and footfall.

Best Way To Market A Restaurant - Restaurant Marketing Agency

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimising your restaurant’s website to appear within top search results helps in maintaining top-of-mind recall among potential customers. Restaurant websites optimised for search terms related to a particular location or dining experience leads to more chances of discovery and trial.

Because of this, restaurant SEO continues to get a strong recommendation when discussing marketing tips for restaurants.

Restaurant Blog

Maintaining a blog is considered the best way to market a restaurant to an audience wary of direct marketing messages. A restaurant blog acts like an open diary that showcases behind-the-scenes stories, the service staff, menu items, milestones, etc. Keep things exciting for the blog audience with regular updates that are a mix of words, images, and videos.

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Best Way To Market A Restaurant - Restaurant Marketing Agency

E-mail Newsletters

When discussing marketing tips for restaurants, e-mail marketing usually gets discouraged. Despite its notoriety, e-mail marketing is still most effective when the recipients of the marketing message have opted in knowingly, leading to a healthy e-mail marketing list. It is important to maintain a list of recipients that are truly interested in getting the restaurant’s updates about new menu items or discounts in their inbox.

Appetising Visuals

The best way to market a restaurant is through use of strong visuals. A customer may order something they have never eaten if it “looks good”. Hence, it is recommended that a professional food photographer is hired to create an image bank of your food items. Use these on your menus, social media and promotional material.

Best Way To Market A Restaurant - Restaurant Marketing Agency

Reputation Management

Word of mouth is vital in creating the right restaurant marketing mix. With the advent of Web 2.0, the biggest game-changer in restaurant marketing has been customer reviews.

It is important that bad reviews should be addressed in a timely manner and brought to a satisfying resolution. This will show potential customers that the restaurant puts its customers first and will reflect positively on the business.

On-ground Tactics

For those potential patrons who spend more time offline, on-ground activities like participation in local food events are the best way to market a restaurant. Hosting events like open-mic and wine tasting can also help in bringing in new customers. The actual experience should enhance your customers’ experience.


As it can be seen from the tools discussed above, there is no ‘one way’ to achieve successful restaurant marketing. Successful marketing channels and techniques must be identified by repeated trials. What works for you, may not work for everyone else and vice versa.

If marketed properly, a new restaurant should soon be attracting healthy footfall and the business would be making regular patrons out of casual visitors.


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