Best Restaurant Marketing: What You Need To Know

In this post, you will find out what the best restaurant marketing strategy is and what benefits it can offer your restaurant business. Find out how blog posts are beneficial for a restaurant website’s search engine optimisation (SEO). Let’s dive in…

What is the first thing you would do if you were looking for a new restaurant? Google it, right?

Turns out, you are not alone! A survey by Constant Contact showed that 92% of the people surveyed used a search engine to look for a restaurant, and 75% of consumers who were surveyed chose a restaurant to dine at based on results of the search. You get the point — you need to get your restaurant to show up on online search results when people are hungry and looking for a great place to eat! How exactly can you get your restaurant to show up in the search results? One way to accomplish that is by blogging about it.

Blogging works for many businesses and restaurants are one of them! Blogging is regarded as one of the best restaurant marketing strategies. Are you wondering why? Do you want to know how your restaurant business can benefit from blogging? We’ll answer all your queries.

The content of each blog post can be shared on social media allowing you to establish credibility with your audience. With the help of blogging, you can grow your presence on social platforms as each piece of content you craft can be published on social media channels to capture an entirely new audience that is not familiar with your business yet. Each blog post can feature hashtags when published to social networks, allowing people to find the content more easily, thus providing more brand exposure.

Complete Control

Social media marketing is a strong restaurant marketing strategy, but blogging surpasses it. The reason is that social media channels are subject to change and you are not in control of those changes.

Consider an example of the most popular social media website — Facebook. The News Feed algorithm of Facebook changed a few months ago and now content by family and friends is preferred over business content. This means that it is now difficult for you to capture the attention of your audience through social media. Unless you have a big advertising budget and can create Facebook ads that generate a good return on investment (ROI). A minimum daily Facebook ad budget needs to be £10 to see results. This daily budget is simply not feasible for most independent restaurants, hence why blogging is a better marketing strategy for your restaurant.

The Facebook News Feed algorithm scenario can never occur with blogging. With a blog, you establish a channel of your own and generate traffic from several sources such as influencers, PR and numerous social media platforms (Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.). Having an established channel where traffic is driven by several sources means that you are not at risk of changes that can have a negative impact on your restaurant business.

Best Restaurant Marketing - Restaurant Marketing Agency

Best Restaurant Marketing Improves SEO

One reason that makes blogging one of the best restaurant marketing strategies is that it can increase the search engine ranking of your restaurant business website. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a complicated process comprising various strategies and activities. We are not saying that you will get on Google’s first page by starting a blog and writing a few quality pieces. However, over time you will notice how blogging significantly enhances the search engine ranking of your restaurant website.

The reason is, fresh content that has relevant keywords and meets the needs of searchers is rewarded by Google and other search engines. With blogging, you have the opportunity to produce fresh content that appeals to your target audience and features relevant keywords favoured by search engines.

Best Restaurant Marketing Provide Insights about Your Audience

One benefit of the blog creation process that makes it one of the best restaurant marketing strategies is that it can provide you with valuable insights about your audience. If you know what your target audience wants, you can better address their needs and provide them with the things they desire. Keyword research, comments on blog posts and social media posts can help you identify the type of content your target audience finds most interesting, and then you can produce that content to increase engagement and generate more traffic to your restaurant’s website.

Best Restaurant Marketing - Restaurant Marketing Agency

Best Restaurant Marketing Differentiates You from Competitors

There are numerous restaurants out there that are competing with you and provide almost the same type of food as you do. However, there are some things special about your restaurant business that make it unique. How can you help your audience find out about those things? A blog post is the answer.

With blogging, you can show the information, experience, personality and quality of your food that distinguishes your restaurant from those of your competitors and allows you to even compete with larger restaurants. Through blogging, you can establish an online personality and provide insights to your audience about your company philosophy, ideas, values and employees — all of which can make you stand out from the competition.

Blogs are trusted for accurate information because of their personal nature. Therefore, you can establish your authenticity in the online world by providing information to your audience through blog posts. By establishing authenticity, you’ll be able to attract more customers to your restaurant business because 63 percent of consumers claim that they would prefer buying from an authentic brand according to Adweek.

Results Last Long

Blogging is considered to be one of the best restaurant marketing strategies because the results from your blog posts last for a long time. Months even years after you published your blog, it will still continue attracting new customers and help increase sales of your restaurant business.

Hubspot reports in their Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics that only about one-quarter of their blog views are for new posts while the remaining three quarters are for older posts. Those older posts help Hubspot collect 90% of their leads, which shows us how effective a blog post can be in the long-term.

While creating fresh posts is important, older posts still stay relevant to your audience for a long time. Moreover, you can even update the older posts that have acquired search rankings – social proof/shares and are bringing organic traffic to restaurant’s website. Sometimes, only minor tweaks are required to make the older blog post relevant to your current goals.

A Communication Channel

Your restaurant business website is designed to provide information to your potential and current customers, but the website can only serve as a one-way channel. On the other hand, a blog can provide you with an opportunity to interact with your target audience as it can allow for a two-way conversation. This allows your restaurant business to establish a relationship with new customers.

Through a restaurant business blog, you get an opportunity to present information in a more personal and casual manner and you can communicate directly with your audience through the comments section on the blog. Your readers can provide feedback and exchange ideas, you can understand the point of view of your readers and they have a chance to get their voice heard.

Best Restaurant Marketing - Restaurant Marketing Agency

Best Restaurant Marketing Grows Your Email List

Email marketing is a strong restaurant marketing strategy, but people don’t easily hand over their email address. Your blog can benefit you in this regard. If you provide quality information to your audience through your blog posts and your readers find your posts informative and interesting, they will believe that your newsletters offer the same. They may sign up for your newsletters, which means that you will be able to grow your email list and promote your special offers more effectively. By having a blog on your restaurant’s website, it will also allow you to use email capture pop-ups/slide-ins forms on each post to help further increase email sign-ups.

Generates More Leads

You can have your blog optimised for actions important for your restaurant business. For example, you can have a sidebar or header on your blog post where there is a call-to-action, and upon the reader submitting their email address, they would be able to download an eBook on ‘Best Dishes of 2018’. In this sense, you get more opportunities to present your offers to your audience and ultimately generate more bookings.


In a nutshell, by blogging for your restaurant business, you can increase exposure of your business, improve SEO, acquire relevant insights about your audience, grow your email list, differentiate your business from competitors and generate more leads and bookings.

Do you see the remarkable potential of blogging for the restaurant business? If you’re a restaurant owner and you don’t have a blog, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. As clearly pointed out by Matt Secrist in his post for Search Engine Journal, a blog can be used as a low-key, non-aggressive advertisement, as demonstrated by Tupelo Honey’s blog.

If you haven’t been blogging for your restaurant business up until now, it is time you leverage the remarkable potential of one of the best restaurant marketing strategies. Create a blog section on your restaurant business website and start producing quality content to capture the attention of your audience and attract those hungry for quality food in your restaurant.

The good news is, most restaurant websites are already using the best blogging platform on the web, the WordPress content management system (CMS). Restaurant owners simply need to create quality blog posts and hit the publish button!

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