10 Reasons Your Restaurant Facebook Ads Fail

Wherever you are, you can be sure that your local area has thousands of Facebook users, and plenty of them will be thinking about eating out or ordering a takeaway.

But what is the best way to reach them?

Not Showing Off What Your Chef Can Do

On Facebook, the first (and often only thing) that people see when your advert is displayed is the image you choose so go for images that customers simply won’t be able to resist.

Not Thinking Through Images Properly

Test a few images before you finalise your selection to make sure you get it right. If necessary, bring in a professional photographer to do the job well. Always use more than one image. That way, you can use Facebook’s split testing feature to see which ones have the best conversion rate.

Restaurant Facebook Ads

Targeting the Wrong Age Group

Do you cater for families with young children, or are you the kind of place where millennials hang out? With Facebook, you can target different demographics in fine detail, so think hard about who you need to target.

Missing Out on Local Markets

Restaurant Facebook ads can also target customers geographically, so take advantage of this and concentrate on your catchment area. Don’t cast your net too widely.



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The Call to Action is Vague or Absent

All Facebook ads should include a Call to Action. This is the whole point of the ad, so don’t forget to include it prominently.

Failure to Include an Enticement to Click

Badly designed adverts also lack a hook for potential customers, such as discounts and free items. Foreground a couple of current deals and you will see a significant uptick in click-throughs.

Including Lazy, Poorly Written Text

Facebook users are far less likely to click through an advert that is poorly written, over the top or too vague. Your text needs to convey relevant information, without mistakes and in a readable way.

The Headline Falls Flat

On Facebook, space is limited and your headline really needs to make a splash. If it doesn’t stand out, it will disappear in the flood of adverts that users receive – so be sure to get it right.

Restaurant Facebook Ads

Not Thinking About Ad Placement

Facebook offers a choice of places to display your ad. The news feed is more expensive and is generally more visible, but the right hand panel can still deliver excellent results. Test this out to see whether it’s worth spending the extra money or not.

Failure to Carry Out A/B Tests

Failed Facebook campaigns are almost always under-cooked. However, you can enlist marketing experts to carry out A/B tests of all of the key advertising factors, and the investment is worth it. A/B tests can ascertain the best mix of elements, and avoid costly mistakes that can ruin a Facebook advertising campaign.

Bring in Marketing Experts to Launch a Successful Facebook Campaign

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